1960s Classic Lincoln Cars

The 1960s Classic Lincoln Cars Channel covers popular antique Lincolns from the decade. Take a look under the hoods of 1960s classic Lincolns cars.


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1964-1965 Lincoln Continental

Easily one of the decade's styling landmarks, the Lincoln Continental was instantly acclaimed so by no less than the prestigious Industrial Design Institute. So good was its basic design that it only needed careful annual refinements. See specs and pictures.

1963-1970 Lincoln Limousine

The 1963-1970 Lincoln Limousines were created to compete with Cadillac and Imperial in the limousine trade. They were also known for being the presidential limousine. Read more on the 1963-1970 Lincoln Limousines.

1961 Lincoln Continental

Lincoln's 1961 models had timeless style that gave the marque a template for consistent design. But if Robert McNamara had been more insistent, the stunning 1961 Lincoln Continental never would have been seen. Check out the 1961 Lincoln Continental.

1966-1969 Lincoln Continental

The 1966-1969 Lincoln Continentals wore new--if familiar--styling. The overhaul resulted in new aesthetics and those four years witnessed some of Lincoln's best and most luxurious automobiles. Learn more about the refined 1966-1969 Continental.

1961-1967 Lincoln Continental by Lehmann-Peterson

The 1961-1967 Lincoln Continental by Lehmann-Peterson was designed for heads of state and was custom-built by the Chicago coach-building firm. Learn more about the 1961-1967 Lincoln Continental including the productions facts and specifications.

1961-1963 Lincoln Continental

The 1961-1963 Lincoln Continental is considered among the most handsome large American cars ever produced but it's also known for its quality. Learn about the 1961-1963 Lincoln Continental including production facts, specifications and more.

1968-1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III

Designed to compete with the Cadillac Eldorado the 1968-1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III always trailed in sales but not by much so it's considered a success. Learn about the 1968-1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III including production facts and more.