1960s Classic Jaguar Cars

The 1960s Classic Jaguar Cars Channel covers popular antique Jaguars from the decade. Take a look under the hoods of 1960s classic Jaguar cars.

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1959-1961 Jaguar Mark IX

The 1959-1961 Jaguar Mark IX was the last of the original 1950 Mark VII design. Discover more about the affordable 1959-1961 Jaguar Mark IX and learn about this reasonable car's engine.

1965-1970 Jaguar Mark X & 420G

The 1965-1970 Jaguar Mark X and 420G was a continuation of Jaguar's larger sedans. Discover more about the classic Jaguar Mark X and 420G and learn about this well-equipped car's pluses, minuses, production facts, specifications, engine type and more.

1961-1965 Jaguar Mark X

The 1961-1965 Jaguar Mark X is the largest Jaguar sedan ever yet was still quick and easy to handle. Discover more about the roomy 1961-1965 Jaguar Mark X and learn about this stylish car's pros, cons, specifications, production facts and more.

1963-1969 Jaguar S-Type/420

The 1963-1969 Jaguar S-Type/420 is considered the predecessor of the impressive XJ6 series. Check out the sterling 1963-1969 Jaguar S-Type/420 and learn about this stylish car's pluses, minuses, specifications, production facts, engine types and more.

1960-1969 Jaguar Mark II

The 1960-1969 Jaguar Mark II features the powerful XK twin cam six in a classic British exterior. Check out the stylish 1960-1969 Jaguar Mark II and learn about this attractive auto's pluses, minuses, specifications, production facts and more.