1960s Classic Chrysler Cars

The 1960s Classic Chrysler Cars Channel covers popular antique Chryslers from the decade. Take a look under the hoods of 1960s classic Chrysler cars.

The creation of the 1969 Chrysler Three Hundred was part of their new "fuselage styled" models, which the Division advertised as "Your Next Car." Learn more about the style changes and the eventual sales of the bold 1969 Chrysler Three Hundred.

The 1963-1964 Chrysler New Yorker Salon was advertised as "the world's most complete car." The Salon was an upgrade package to the regular New Yorker sedan which compromised styling for comfort. Learn more about the 1963-1964 Chrysler New Yorker Salon.

The 1960-1962 Chrysler New York Hardtops & Convertible are terrific standard Chryslers. It was equipped with a Burly wedgehead V-8 for refined performance. Read more about the features of this classic car.

The 1962-1964 Chrysler 300 was a mid-range car with a crisp, clean, custom look. However it was not widely saved so body/trim parts harder than usual to find. Find out which 62-64 Chrysler 300 models are prime collector picks.

The 1965-1966 Chrysler 300 2D Hardtop and Convertible were the sportiest designs styled by Elwood Engel. However Chryslers were not widely saved so trim and body panels just as difficult to find. Get details on the collectible 300 2D here.

The 1967-1968 Chrysler 300 2D Hardtop and Convertible had a cross-hair grille hidden headlamps and big-block power. Unfortunately the styling was more contrived than the 1965-66 models and there is little to no interest by collectors. Get details on the 300 2D here.

The 1963-1964 Chrysler 300J/300K was considered to have the cleanest look of the letter-series 300. It had higher than average performance low-production appeal and was even cheaper than earlier 300s. Learn more about the 1963-1964 Chrysler 300J/300K.

The 1959 Chrysler 300E had a limited production, making it a rare find. This car had a reputation for being sluggish, but new tests rate it a second quicker than the D model. Discover the 1959 Chrysler 300E, the fifth edition of the letter-series 300.

The 1960-1962 Chrysler 300F/300G/300H introduced important improvements to the 300 series. It had aggressive good looks, improved assembly quality and was significantly cheaper than earlier models. See the attractive 1960-1962 Chrysler 300F/300G/300H.