1960s Classic AMC Cars

The 1960s Classic AMC Cars Channel covers popular antique AMCs from the decade. Take a look under the hoods of different 1960s classic AMC cars.


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1967, 1968, 1969 AMC Ambassador

The 1967-1969 AMC Ambassador proved that the late Richard A. Teague could do more with less than most any just about any other car designer around. Learn more about the 1967-1969 AMC Ambassador and the American Motor Company.

1968-1969 AMC Javelin

The 1968-1969 AMC Javelin stood out from the the pack, considering the American car industry was so strange in the 1960s. Although every company built for all the market segments, many of them were quite similar. Learn more about the 1968-1969 AMC Javelin.

1963-1964 AMC/Rambler Ambassador & Classic

American Motors reached the pinnacle of prosperity with this Rambler Ambassador. Sales of 1963s exceeded 37,000, a record for the model. The view of Ramblers as economy certainly helped. Get specs and see pictures of this 1060s car.

1960-1961 AMC/Rambler Ambassador

Dropping the respected names of Nash and Hudson led to the development of the 1960-1961 AMC/Rambler Ambassador. The car itself retained the bodyshell of older models, but styling was markedly different. Learn more about its history and specs.

Introduction to the 1965-1967 AMC Marlin

Because of the popularity American Motors Corporation enjoyed during the late 1950s and early 1960s, the company decided to broaden its lineup and compete more directly with the Big Three automakers. Read the story of the 1965-1967 AMC Marlin.

1967-1968 AMC Ambassador

Some felt that the 1967-1968 AMC Ambassador was a case of too little, too late. With Roy Abernethy at its helm in the 1960s, American Motors set out to compete directly with the Big Three. Learn about the details of the 1967-1968 AMC Ambassador.

1967-1969 AMC Ambassador DPL & SST 2-doors

The 1967-1969 AMC Ambassador DPL and SST 2-doors were the successors to the straight-edge 1965-1966 Ambassador. They featured swoopy lines designed by the late AMC design director Dick Teague in the then-popular "Coke bottle" mode. Learn more about this classic car.

1968-1970 AMC Rebel SST Hardtop & Convertible

The 1968-1970 AMC Rebel SST was launched to replace the staid Classic as AMC's mid-size line the hardtop and convertible shared some styling points with the larger Ambassador. Learn more about the classic 1968-1970 AMC Rambler.