1950s Classic Cars

The 1950s was exciting era for car manufacturers. America’s post-war designs became sleeker and models like the Ferrari gained popularity overseas. Learn about models from Bentleys and Rolls Royce to the 1950s Jeep models.

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1957 Peugeot 203C Four-Door Sedan

Since their inception in France in 1889, Peugeot automobiles -- like the 1957 Peugeot 203C Four-Door Sedan -- have fanned out around the globe. Read about the 1957 Peugeot 203C Four-Door Sedan, Peugeot's first new design after World War II.

1957-1961 Vauxhall Victor

In the 1950s, GM's British subsidiary, Vauxhall, introduced a small car, the 1957-1961 Vauxhall Victor. Meanwhile, GM saw that cost-conscious U.S. drivers had interest in imports. Learn whether the 1957-1961 Vauxhall Victor could serve both markets.

1951-1956 Ford Consul and Zephyr

The 1951-1956 Ford Consul and Zephyr might have been made in Britain, but their shape was pure Dearborn and their engineering was inspired by a project that General Motors had killed off in 1947. Learn about the 1951-1956 Ford Consul and Zephyr.

1956 Packard Executive

The 1956 Packard Executive was Packard's last gasp in the auto industry. Automotive insiders recognized the Executive as a desperation tactic because it contradicted the marketing plan of Packard. See pictures and read about this classic car.

1959 Rambler Six Custom Sedan

The 1959 Rambler Six Custom Sedan was the brain child of American Motors President George Romney. It was designed as a smaller sedan option to its larger rivals. Learn more about the 1959 Rambler Six Custom Sedan and see pictures.

GM Motorama Firebirds

The GM Motorama Firebirds generated excitement about General Motor’s automotive future. The gas-turbine cars were called Firebird I, II, and III, and were obviously 'cars of the future.' Learn about the GM Motorama Firebirds here.

1957 Pontiac Chieftain Two-Door Sedan

The 1957 Pontiac Chieftain Two-door Sedan was created as the answer to an age-old problem facing car-lovers: how to get maximum go with minimum dough. Read about the 1957 Pontiac Chieftain and see photos of this muscle car.

1950-1959 Ford Country Squire

The era of the wood-bodied station wagon was just about over when Ford made an important change to its family hauler and renamed it the Ford Country Squire. Check out the 1950-1959 Ford Country Squires, some of the last of the wood-bodied wagons.

1957-1959 Imperial

The 1957-1959 Imperial featured distinctive styling that set it apart from other Chrysler Corporation cars. And, the 1957 Imperial achieved one of the purest production interpretation of the aerodynamic wedge. Learn more about this classic.

1957 Dodge Coronet Texan

Dodge lost its stodgy image once and for all with the daring 'swept wing' styling of the 1957 Dodge Coronet Texan. It was a special custom trim model available only in Texas. See photos and learn about the 1957 Dodge Coronet Texan.

1959-1960 Chevrolet El Camino

General Motors liked to be first with new concepts, but there's no avoiding the fact that when it created the 1959 Chevrolet El Camino "sedan pickup," rival Ford had been making its Ranchero for two years. Check out the 1959-1960 Chevrolet El Camino.

1951 General Motors LeSabre

The 1951 General Motors LeSabre not only showcased Earl's latest thinking about the look of cars, but it served as a symbol of his -- and GM's -- place in the auto industry. Check out the 1951 General Motors LeSabre and its jet-aircraft design cues.

1950-1953 Oldsmobile

The 1950-1953 Oldsmobile with its Rocket engine was more popular than sales suggest. It took on the role as performance standard-bearer, with the Rocket V-8 helping touch off a "horsepower war". See photos and specs of the 1950-1953 Oldsmobile.

1951 Chevrolet Fleetline DeLuxe

The 1951 Chevrolet Fleetline was part of the short-lived Chevrolet fastback style. The fastback was first introduced in 1942 as part of a revamp of the passenger car line. Check out photos of a 1951 Chevrolet Fleetline DeLuxe four-door sedan.

1958 Edsel Bermuda

The anticipated 1958 Edsel Bermuda station wagon was known for its styling, and not always in a good way. The main point of controversy came from the unusual vertical grille on the front end, which was known as the horse collar. See photos of the 1958 Edsel Bermuda.

1957-1958 Buick

The 1957-1958 Buick marked a major restyle for the brand in an attempt to continue its postwar success. This era marked the end of many long-standing series names and Buick's spot as third best in sales. Learn more about the 1957-1958 Buick models.

1954-1956 Oldsmobile

The 1954-1956 Oldsmobile lineup was highly popular thanks to its Starfire designs. Oldsmobile introduced three new models intended for 1955 in 1954 after Olds discovered it was capable of early production. Check out the 1954-1956 Oldsmobiles including pictures and specs.

1956-1960 DeSoto Adventurer

The 1956-1960 DeSoto Adventurer was one of the fastest and best balanced big cars of the 1950s but unappreciated. This is surprising because the Adventurer was one of the fastest and best balanced cars from this era. Learn more about the Adventurer.

1952-1954 Nash Ambassador and Statesman

The 1952-1954 Nash Ambassador and Statesman followed very popular models. The stakes were very high for Nash when redesigning the 1952 Ambassador and Statesman. Learn about the 1952-1954 Nash models and check out specifications.

1954-1955 MG TF

The 1954-1955 MG TF has become a collectible car despite its apparent shortcomings. The car featured amazing handling, but it left many drivers frustrated due to the very low engine performance. Learn more about the British car that Americans came to love.

1952 Studebaker

The 1952 Studebaker marked the company's centenary -- 100 years of proud business. This car was designed and built in order to commemorate this historic event for the Studebaker company. Find out if the 1952 Studebaker was a fitting tribute.

1950-1952 Buick

Buicks of the 1950-52 period symbolized the postwar promise and sold a model for every budget. Buicks from this era featured flashy design elements such as the toothy appearance of the front grille. Learn more about the American icon 1950-52 Buick.

1953-1954 Hudson Jet

The 1954 Hudson Jets were essentially a repeat of the 1953s with trim variations and a newly ribbed grille bar with a medallion. Sales of the 1954 Hudson Jet lagged, contributing to the demise of the company. Learn more about Hudson's last gasp.

1955-1957 Pontiac Strato-Streak

The exterior styling of the new 1955-57 Pontiacs was seen as generally pleasing, even exciting -- save for what some thought a rather unfortunate blunt front end. Learn more about the nuances of this newly redesigned model in this classic cars article.

1956-1957 Rambler

The 1956-57 Rambler was the most important car American Motors ever built. Its importance goes beyond its obvious virtues of compact design or the way it created and defined a market segment. Learn more about this essential American Motors model.