The 1930s was a period of massive expansion in the auto industry. Learn about the Bugatti, Fords, Packards and other classic cars from the the 1930s in this section.
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Be Your Own Mechanic

Only three 1933 Packard Twelve Sport Phaetons were built, all for auto shows. The 160-horsepower V-12 engine is so quiet that one almost needs to see the fan running to know it's running. Find a profile and pictures of the 1933 Twelve Sport Phaeton.

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1938-1939 Rolls-Royce Wraith

The 1938-1939 Rolls-Royce Wraith is among the rarest prewar Rolls-Royces today, since it was not revived after the war. Its design also ended pre-war, as 1945 and later models were redesigned. Find out more about the status and appeal of this rare car.

1933-1936 Packard Super Eight

The 1933-1936 Packard Super Eight is a solid and classic automobile, but it isn't widely collected or driven. This model also fell between the cracks outpaced by the Twelve, so later models became smaller and less bulky. Learn about the Super Eight.

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