The 1930s was a period of massive expansion in the auto industry. Learn about the Bugatti, Fords, Packards and other classic cars from the the 1930s in this section.
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Be Your Own Mechanic

Packard once boasted that more than 1,000 families had driven Packards for 21 years or more. If you "asked the man who owned one," you too would have chosen a Packard Twelve. Read more about the 1937 Packard 1507 Dietrich Convertible Victoria.

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1932-1934 Franklin V-12

The years of the Great Depression were desperate times. In those circumstances, Franklin, the plucky little carmaker from Syracuse, New York, produced about 200 air-cooled V-12s, then quietly passed away. Read about the 1932-1934 Franklin V-12 cars.

1936 Singer Le Mans

The 1936 Singer Le Mans is a standout among the Singer line and the last year of this racing model. Although the Singer company started out with making bicycles, they made this roadster travel at speeds up to 90 mph. Learn more about this sleek car.

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