The 1930s was a period of massive expansion in the auto industry. Learn about the Bugatti, Fords, Packards and other classic cars from the the 1930s in this section.
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Be Your Own Mechanic

The 1930-1933 Studebaker President Eight was a classic gracefully styled Depression-era car. In fact, it is widely regarded as the best automobile produced at South Bend. Learn facts and specifications of this collectible car.

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1938-1939 Lagonda V-12

The 1938-1939 Lagonda V-12 was one of the 1930s fastest British cars, which was impressive at a formidable 5,000 pounds. Learn about this high-performance classic car.

1930 Buick Series 40 Phaeton

The 1930 Buicks deserved increased popularity, but they came at the wrong time. Dealers found they could only move two cars for even three they'd sold the year before. Read how the 1930 Buicks fell on hard times during the Great Depression.

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