1970s Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

The 1970s Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Channel features classic Harleys and their stories. Check out vintage Harley-Davidsons at HowStuffWorks.


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1971 Harley-Davidson XLH Sportster

The 1971 Harley-Davidson XLH Sportster wasn't a particularly innovative or successful offering. Sportster engines still displaced 883cc in 1971 but would later be boosted to 1000cc in response to Japanese competition. Read about the XLH Sportster.

1973 Harley-Davidson FL Electra-Glide

The 1973 Harley-Davidson FL Electra-Glide is one of the few Harley models to sport "AMF" alongside the Harley-Davidson name on its logo. Learn why in the 1970s many owners removed the AMF badges after purchase and repainted their entire motorcyles.

1978 Harley-Davidson FLHS Electra-Glide

The 1978 Harley-Davidson FLHS Electra-Glide debuted with a lean look. The FLH tradition typically invokes the image of a full-tilt luggage-laden touring bike; learn how adding the "S" suffix in 1978 meant a stripped bike resembling the FLs of old.

1978 Harley-Davidson XL-1000 Sportster

The 1978 Harley-Davidson XL-1000 Sportster was released in a limited run in honor of Harley-Davidson's 75th anniversary. Gold striping gold-cast wheels and genuine leather graced the jet-black paint. Read about this classy full-featured Harley.

1975 Harley-Davidson XL-1000 and XR-750

The 1975 Harley-Davidson XL-1000 and XR-750 were often altered so few remain their original state. The engine for the XR-750 racer was based on the Sportster but it had dual carbs and high-mounted exhaust. Check out these rare powerful Harleys.

1977 Harley-Davidson XLCR

The powerful 1977 Harley-Davidson XLCR motorcycle faced tough competition from Japanese rivals. See pictures and learn about the Harley-Davidson XLCR.

1978 Harley-Davidson FXS

The 1978 Harley-Davidson FXS Low Rider motorcycle had a muscular flow to its lines. See pictures and learn about the 1978 Harley-Davidson FXS.

1971 Harley-Davidson FX Super Glide

The 1971 Harley-Davidson FX Super Glide motorcycle was Harley's first factory-custom bike. It failed to attract the audience Harley had hoped it would finding fewer than 5000 buyers. See pictures and learn more about the FX Super Glide.

1975 Harley-Davidson SS-250

The 1975 Harley-Davidson SS-250 had a Yamaha engine. Learn more about the 1975 AMF Harley-Davidson SS-250 motorcycle and see pictures.