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How Car Engines Work: The Engine Cylinder Block

This video defines the main structure of a cylinder block and its components, as well as the materials used in the manufacturing process.

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  • Cars Caught on Camera

    Cars Caught on Camera

    Red-light cameras may have saved some lives, but they've also stirred up more controversy than any other traffic control device on the roads to date. Test your red-light camera knowledge with our quiz. See more »

  • Could we power all cars entirely from wind power?

    Could we power all cars entirely from wind power?

    Despite modern forecasting techniques, wind remains a fickle element. It's seasonal, dependent on storms and highly variable. Can we really count on wind to deliver steady, reliable energy for our cars? See more »

  • Could your car get a computer virus?

    Could your car get a computer virus?

    Hackers attack our banks, PCs and even major credit card networks. So are cars the next things we need to worry about getting viruses? See more »

  • Did da Vinci really sketch a primitive version of the car?

    Did da Vinci really sketch a primitive version of the car?

    Most consider Leonardo da Vinci the ultimate Renaissance man. But did this 13th-century genius have the foresight to sketch the basic principle for today's cars? See more »

  • Diesel Fuel Storage Regulations

    Diesel Fuel Storage Regulations

    If you plan on keeping diesel fuel on your property for personal reasons (as opposed to commercial), you’d do well to brush up on both state and federal regulations before moving ahead. See more »

  • Do red-light cameras save lives?

    Do red-light cameras save lives?

    The first red-light cameras were installed more than a decade ago. But have they really helped to reduce the number of accidents at the intersections where they're used? Can a red-light camera save lives? See more »

  • How Automobiles Work

    How Automobiles Work

    An automobile contains dozens of different technologies -- everything from the engine to the tires is its own special universe of design and engineering. Here are some of the highlights. See more »

  • How Automotive Proving Grounds Work

    How Automotive Proving Grounds Work

    In 1924, General Motors opened the Milford Proving Grounds in Milford, Mich. -- the world's first dedicated automotive proving ground. So, what exactly are proving grounds and what do the automakers do there? See more »

  • How Automotive Recalls Work

    How Automotive Recalls Work

    Automotive recalls are often front-page news -- and for good reason. Recalls warn consumers that a specific product poses a potential threat. What do you do if your car is recalled? See more »

  • How Car Crushers Work

    How Car Crushers Work

    Ever wonder what happens to junked cars? Car crushers flatten them into tiny cubes or slabs after the vehicle has been stripped of its recyclable parts. How do car crushers work? And is this a lucrative business? See more »

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