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1989 Honda BG500 Tourist Trophy

The 1989 Honda GB500 Tourist Trophy motorcycle had the look of a 1960s race bike. Unfortunately this motorcycle was not successful in the United States which caused a short production life. See pictures and learn about the 1989 Honda GB500 Tourist Trophy.

1984 Honda Nighthawk 700S

The 1984 Honda Nighthawk 700S motorcycle filled a gap between sport and standard motorcycles. It had many of the same features of these two styles of motorcycles but it failed to find a true audience. Learn how and see pictures of the Honda Nighthawk 700S.

1990 Honda RC30

The 1990 Honda RC30 motorcycle is a racing machine in the shape of a regular sportbike. It contained a 750-cc engine that only produced 86 horsepower but racing parts helped reduce weight. Find more information and see pictures of the 1990 Honda RC30.

1998 Honda Valkyrie

The 1998 Honda Valkyrie motorcycle used a flat-six to out-power competing cruisers. The engine displaced 1520 cc that featured individual carbs for each cylinder. Check out more information and pictures of the Honda Valkyrie.

1969 Honda Dream 305

The 1969 Honda Dream 305 motorcycle combined power with convenience. It could reach nearly 100 mph with its powerful 305-cc overhead-cam twin-cylinder engine. Read about this important Honda and see pictures of a real dream machine.

1975 Honda CB400

The 1975 Honda CB400 motorcycle was affordable technically advanced and deceptively quick. Although it wasn't the fastest bike, the small-displacement four-stroke was much quieter than two-strokes. Learn more and see pictures of the lean 1975 Honda CB400.

1975 Honda GL1000 Gold Wing

The 1975 Honda GL1000 Gold Wing motorcycle launched a touring-bike legend. This bike contained a water-cooled flat four engine which was unusual for most other motorcycles. Find out why and see pictures of the 1975 Honda GL1000 Gold Wing.

1980 Honda CX500

The 1980 Honda CX500 motorcycle wasn't pretty but it got the job done. The bike featured a 500-cc water-cooled engine that used pushrods rather than conventional overhead cams. Find out how and see pictures of the reliable economical 1980 Honda CX500.

1981 Honda CBX

The 1981 Honda CBX motorcycle was an excellent bike in search of an audience. Most of the competition was lighter and faster which made this bike appear to be all show to the racing crowd. See pictures and learn more about the 1981 Honda CBX motorcycle.

1983 Honda CX650T

The 1983 Honda CX650T motorcycle was a turbocharged wonder but led to a technology dead end. This bike was the world's first turbocharged motorcycle that made many insurers nervous. Find out why and see pictures of the 1983 Honda CX650T.

1969 Honda CB750

The 1969 Honda CB750 changed motorcycling forever. It featured an inline four-cylinder engine with single overhead cam four carburetors, prominent four-into-four exhaust and 67 horsepower. See pictures of this groundbreaking motorcycle from Honda.