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1942 Indian 741 and Indian 841

The 1942 Indian 741 and Indian 841 motorcycles were designed for military use in World War II. This motorcycle featured a hand-shifted three-speed transmission and foot-operated clutch. See pictures and learn about the Indian 741 and 841.

1940 Indian 440

The 1940 Indian 440 motorcycle was an expensive bike for its era at a price of $1,000. The engine it used turned out to be a failure for Indian due to the frequent overheating problems. Find more information and pictures about the 1940 Indian 440.

1946 Indian Chief

The 1946 Indian Chief motorcycle in "Indian Red" was popular with postwar buyers. This model was similar to other prewar Indians and featured a 74-cubic-inch flathead engine. See pictures and learn more about the striking 1946 Indian Chief.

1953 Indian Chief

The 1953 Indian Chief motorcycle was the final Indian model and is highly collectible. It featured a V-twin that was considered outdated but was coupled with a more modern ignition system. Check out pictures and information on the 1953 Indian Chief.

1913 Indian 61 Twin

The 1913 Indian 61 Twin motorcycle was a performance bargain with a unique rear suspension. This motorcycle featured a 61-cubic-inch engine with a single-speed transmission and a two-speed option. See pictures and learn more about the Indian 61 Twin.

1926 Indian Prince

The 1926 Indian Prince motorcycle was specifically designed for first-time buyers. It featured a 21-cubic-inch single cylinder engine and a spring-mounted seat that made up for the lack of suspension. Discover pictures and information about the 1926 Indian Prince.

1935 Indian Chief

The 1935 Indian Chief motorcycle competed directly with Harley-Davidsons of its day. The 1935 Chief wasn't as maneuverable at slow speeds because of weight, but at higher speeds, the weight provided great stability. See pictures and learn more about the big 1935 Indian Chief.

1904 Indian

The 1904 Indian was one of the few motorcycles of its time to use a direct-drive chain. The direct-drive chain was far more reliable than the more common tensioned leather belt which turned the rear wheel. Get information and see pictures of the 1904 Indian.