1998 Ducati ST2

Ducati's desmodromic valvetrain helped the 1998 Ducati ST2 maintain a level of power and speed unusual in a touring bike. See more motorcycle pictures.

The 1998 Ducati ST2 motorcycle was aimed squarely at the sport-touring crowd, something of a departure for Ducati. Yet despite its more relaxed driving position and touring amenities, the ST2 boasted the kind of performance expected of the marque.

Along with an analog speedometer and tach, the ST2 included a digital display for fuel level, engine temperature, and time of day. Rearview mirrors were spring-loaded to help absorb shock, and the full-coverage fairing offered the driver an increased level of protection from the elements.

Integrated saddlebags swallowed a full-face helmet and were detachable with the turn of a key, while the sleek 5.5-gallon fuel tank allowed plenty of pleasurable miles between stops.

But Ducati didn't forget the "sport" in "sport-touring." Along with triple Brembo floating disc brakes, the ST2 featured fully adjustable suspension and a powerful 944-cc, water-cooled, fuel-injected V-twin with Ducati's famous desmodromic valvetrain.

Though this was a two-valve version of the V-twin, a four-valve variant appeared shortly thereafter carrying the ST4 designation.

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