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1998 Triumph Thunderbird Sport

The 1998 Triumph Thunderbird Sport motorcycle featured retro styling and modern mechanics. This model featured a water-cooled double-overhead-cam 885-cc three-cylinder engine.See pictures and learn about the Triumph Thunderbird Sport.

1975 Triumph Trident

The 1975 Triumph Trident motorcycle was tweaked for American tastes but fell to Japanese rivals. The bike kept the same three-cylinder engine but it was slower and more expensive than Japanese imports. Find info and pictures of the 1975 Triumph Trident.

1976 Triumph Bonneville

The 1976 Triumph Bonneville motorcycle held to tradition against low-cost Japanese bikes. Unfortunately the influx of high-performance Japanese motorcycles cut into sales of this model. Find info and pictures of Britain's 1976 Triumph Bonneville.

1998 Triumph T595

The 1998 Triumph T595 motorcycle quickly became reborn Triumph's best-seller. These water-cooled motorcycles came in three different types the standard sport touring models. Find info and pictures of the 1998 Triumph T595 motorcycle.

1947 Triumph Speed Twin

The 1947 Triumph Speed Twin was a worthy member of the famous Speed Twin family. It featured an optional sprung rear hub, but it was a disappointment because of its minimal travel. See pictures and learn about the 1947 Triumph Speed Twin motorcycle.

1952 Triumph Thunderbird

The 1952 Triumph Thunderbird helped make Marlon Brando "the wild one." Triumph was looking to emulate the demand for large powerful bikes when they originally designed this model. See pictures and learn about the 1952 Triumph Thunderbird motorcycle.

1965 Triumph T120 Bonneville

The 1965 Triumph T120 Bonneville had unit construction and a compact design. These motorcycles featured 650-cc engines that were capable of reaching speeds over 100 miles per hour. Check out info and pictures of the 1965 Triumph T120 Bonneville.

1967 Triumph T100C Tiger

The 1967 Triumph T100C Tiger was a popular bike for on- and off-road. This bike featured a smaller fuel tank headlight and high-mounted twin tail pipes which were designed for off-road riding. Find info and pictures of the 1967 Triumph T100C Tiger.

1970 Triumph Tiger 650

The 1970 Triumph Tiger 650 motorcycle was a better everyday bike than the Triumph Bonneville. The Tiger used the same basic engine as the Bonneville but featured a smaller carburetor for easier starting. See pictures and learn about the Triumph Tiger 650.