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1994 BMW R1100RSL

The 1994 BMW R1100RSL motorcycle featured BMW's traditional 'boxer' twin engine. Equipped with adjustable handlebars hand controls seat and windshield the RSL could also be fine-tuned to almost any rider's personal tastes. Learn about the RSL.

1965 BMW R-27

The 1965 BMW R-27 motorcycle was a popular single-cylinder design. BMW did not offer another single until the early 1990s when an Italian-built on/off-road model powered by a Rotax engine was introduced. Learn about the 1965 BMW R-27.

1981 BMW R65

The 1981 BMW R65 motorcycle was for those who admired BMW's quality construction but couldn't afford its high prices. The R65 was really just a scaled-down edition of the company's larger 1000-cc model.

1990 BMW K-1

The 1990 BMW K-1 motorcycle was a departure from BMW's standard fare. Intended to compete in the sport-touring segment of the market the BMW K-1 was intended to appeal to a more youthful crowd. Learn about the 1990 K-1.