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Be Your Own Mechanic

Gullwing doors and a sleek body made the 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL one of the most coveted of all cars. It was one of the most expensive cars of its time -- more than twice that of the Corvette. See pictures and learn about this classic car.

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1970 Cadillac NART Zagato

The 1970 Cadillac NART Zagato was built by GM and Luigi Chinetti to compete with Ferrari's legendary gran turismo cars. GM later dropped out due to numerous delays and the economic difficulties. So what became of the Cadillac NART Zagato? Read on to find out.

1932 DeSoto SC Custom

The 1932 DeSoto SC Custom was considered dramatic for its time; all 1932s are somewhat rare today. Read about the rise and fall of DeSoto over its short history, its slow decline during the Depression, and the details of the 1932 DeSoto SC Custom.

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