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Be Your Own Mechanic

Excellent styling, fine workmanship, and good performance are the factors that make the 1930 Nash Twin Ignition Six a collectible automobile today. Read how Nash managed to show a profit while other independent manufacturers struggled to survive.

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1936 Dodge D2 Convertible Sedan

The 1936 Dodge D2 Convertible Sedan was part of the newly designated Series D2 lineup, dubbed the "Beauty Winner" line by Chrysler and featured slightly revised styling carried over from 1935. See pictures and specs of this classic car.

1930-1935 Cadillac Eight

The 1930-1935 Cadillac Eight was the high point of Cadillac luxury and design. However, they are extremely expensive and are usually reserved for the wealthiest collectors. Get detailed specifications on this certified CCCA Classic collectible.

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