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The Under the Hood Channel explores the systems that make your car function correctly. Learn about car parts and systems and how to do routine maintenance.

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Synthetic vs. Conventional Motor Oil: Which is Best for Your Needs and Environment's?

Synthetic vs. Conventional motor oil: Which is best for you needs and environment's? Learn more in this article.

Top 7 Ways to Reduce Your Driving Emissions without Reducing Quality of Life

Here are seven easy ways to reduce your emissions without affecting the quality of your daily commute. Learn more about the top 7 ways to reduce your driving emissions without reducing quality of life.

What is engine knock?

Are there worrisome sounds coming from under the hood? Whether it's an annoying ping, a persistent knock, or a dramatic detonation, there are many ways to soothe a noisy engine.

How does piston shape affect combustion?

As engines have evolved over the years, so have the pistons within them. In fact, the shape of a piston has a dramatic effect on the combustion process.

How Laser-powered Headlights Work

Lasers have an illumination power that's about 1,000 times more powerful than LEDs. So, will laser-powered headlamps be too intense for other motorists? Are they a traffic incident waiting to happen?

How Air-Conditioned Seats Work

Did you know that if your car didn't come from the factory with refrigerated seats, there are several manufacturers that would be happy to sell you air-conditioned seat cushions?

How Toyota Entune Works

At one time, gadgets designed to keep us informed and entertained while on the move came from the automotive aftermarket. Now automakers are providing complex, digitally connected gizmos as factory equipment.

How can you use in-car Internet?

In a world that seems hyperconnected already, are cars the next things to go wired with Internet access?

Can you stream online music to your car?

These days, the majority of the music we listen to is streamed from the Internet and stored on our computers and smartphones. But is there a way we can access online music in our cars and trucks?

Can you sync your smartphone with your car?

Is it possible to talk to your car the way Michael Knight talked to KITT on "Knight Rider"? Perhaps so, if you learn how to sync your smartphone with your Trans Am.

How can you find the cheapest gas while driving?

Filling up the tank still hurts, especially while on a road trip. So how can you do it without breaking the bank?

5 Useful Voice-activated Commands for Your Car

If you've got the right gadgets, you can already use voice commands to control things like your GPS and phone from the driver's seat. How close are we to voice activation as an affordable car option -- and what we will we say when we have it?

What is the purpose of a tire sidewall?

The main purpose of a tire sidewall is to provide lateral stability. You can learn more about the functions of a tire sidewall by reading this article.

What are manual transmission synchronizers?

Manual transmission synchronizers are devices that eliminate the need for double clutching when changing gears. Learn how manual transmission synchronizers work in this article.

When you vulcanize a tire, what do you do to it?

Once a tire has all its components assembled, it’s still only a green tire, without any tread patterns or markings. You can learn more about a tire’s vulcanization process from this article.

What are the types of internal combustion engines?

Car engines that run on gasoline aren't the only kind of internal combustion engines. Learn about the types of internal combustion engines in this article.

What are tire load ratings?

Tires do have their limits when it comes to weight capacity. Learn about tire load ratings from this article.

What can you do to reduce your car's emissions?

To reduce your cars emissions, you can help its catalytic converter work more efficiently by preheating it, or you can inject a urea solution into your exhaust pipe. Learn what you can do to reduce your car's emissions in this article.

What do distributor caps and rotors do in ignition systems?

Distributor caps and rotors help transfer the spark from the coil to the cylinder. Learn how distributor caps and rotors function in ignition systems in this article.

What are some symptoms of ignition coil failure?

Ignition coils are responsible for passing electricity on to your spark plugs. Learn about the symptoms of ignition coil failure in this article.

What size socket wrench do you need for an oil drain plug?

Before embarking on a project like replacing your car’s engine oil, you need to decide which size socket wrench you should use. Learn more about what size socket wrench you need for an oil drain plug from this article.

Why do cars make noise when you shift gears poorly?

The noise you hear is not from gears grinding against each other, it's from the dog teeth on the gears. Learn why cars make noise when you shift gears poorly in this article.

How to Remove an Intake Manifold

Do you have to remove your intake manifold because your internal combustion engine isn't getting enough airflow? Learn about how to remove your car's intake manifold in this article.

How to Remove Tree Sap From a Car

Every time you park your car under a tree you find tree sap on the hood. We'll give you a few solutions to removing tree sap from your car.

How to Change Wiper Blades

You'd like change your car's windshield wiper blades, but you're not sure how. We will now give you instructions on how to change wiper blades.