7 Ways to Make Your Whole Vehicle Last Longer, From Wheels to Wipers

How much do you know about your car?
How much do you know about your car?
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Did you know that many insurance companies figure most vehicles on the road have only 10 years of useful life before being carted off to the junkyard? While there may indeed be older vehicles that should be crushed due to their poor emissions and economy, there are others that will remain quite efficient modes of transportation. In fact, the folks at Environmental Transport Association (ETA) say that keeping your older (less efficient) vehicle, is actually greener than purchasing a newer and cleaner vehicle in many cases.

By following a proper preventative maintenance schedule, you can easily double your car's useful life, while spending less at the gas pump and at the repair shop. Beyond regular maintenance to increase your vehicle's overall longevity, you should also ensure the longevity of your vehicle's individual parts. This can dramatically decrease the amount of waste your vehicle contributes over a year. This includes the oil, tires, brake pads, etc. There are many ways to help minimize the natural wear and tear of your vehicle's various parts, and these are my top 7.

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