10 Places to Look for Classic Car Parts

You're putting in enough elbow grease on the restoration -- finding the vintage parts you need shouldn't require too much work. See more pictures of classic cars.

Are you looking for a cheap and easy weekend or rainy day project that's guaranteed to give you that feeling of satisfaction of a job done perfectly? Then you better stick with building plastic, scale models. You can find a '68 Mustang for $7.99 at your local hobby shop.

Or, with hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars and shouts from your shop that would make a sailor blush, you can restore a real classic car. The crux can be finding the parts. With the right parts, you're looking at a full-scale version of that plastic hobby model. Without the parts, you're looking at a pile of old junk.

If you want to fall into the first category, here are 10 places to search for the right parts for your classic car.