10 Surprising Junkyard Finds

You never know what you might find in a massive junkyard.
You never know what you might find in a massive junkyard.

Car enthusiasts have long known about the appeal of junkyards, with their acres of gleaming metal and affordable classic parts. Visiting a junk or salvage yard today can mean finding a quarter-panel for a dinged VW Beetle or salvaging a motor from a totaled new-model sedan. And paying a small admission fee or browsing for free at some of the thousands of junkyards across the United States or around the globe can lead to some surprising finds.

Walking through dusty rows of dilapidated castoffs might not be your idea of a hobby or something you would think to do on a weekend, but you might change your mind after you try. Going with someone who knows the difference between a classic and a clunker helps, and it might be especially worthwhile if you have a broken-down project car on your property that might be fixable or worth, say, $4.4 million dollars.

Grab a wheelbarrow and read on to see what kind of junk goes to scrap, what beauties got saved from the salvage yard and what takes place at the junkyards themselves.