Auto Manufacturing

Auto manufacturing is a complex, multi-step process. Not only is the auto manufacturing process interesting, it also helps fuel the world's economy. In this section you'll find articles all about auto manufacturing.


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Modern Cars Are Kind of Boring. Why Is That?

There are a lot of vanilla vehicles being churned out these days. What's the deal?

Can car companies let known defects go without a recall?

You check the mail and notice that you've gotten another recall notice about some defect in your vehicle. Seems like they send them every day. But in reality, car companies do all they can to avoid a vehicle recall.

Do car interiors turn toxic in the summer?

The best part of getting a new car is that new car smell, right? Well, don't breathe it in too deeply — that smell is produced by hundreds of chemicals, many of them harmful.

How old is the electric car?

Electric vehicles always seem to look so shiny and new. Shiny, yes — but they're not necessarily new. Turns out electric cars have been around since long before the Model T.

Did Henry Ford invent the car?

There's perhaps no single person more associated with the automobile than Henry Ford, who's credited with bringing the car to the masses. But did Ford actually invent the car?

Did the Nazis invent the Volkswagen Beetle?

It had to seat five occupants. It had to be easy to maintain. It had to be capable of traveling quickly on the autobahn and be affordable on an average salary. Was the VW Beetle really a Nazi design?

Do black cars get hotter in the summer?

It's common knowledge that dark colors absorb heat while light colors reflect it. But does that really mean that black cars tend to get hotter in the summer?

What causes 'new car smell'?

There's nothing quite like the smell of a new car interior. It's not exactly a fresh scent, but it's definitely an unused scent. So what really causes that "new car smell"?

5 Myths About Henry Ford

Henry Ford didn't just build cars — he totally revolutionized the process, inventing new systems and methods that are still in use today. But is everything you've heard about the man accurate?

10 Most Terrifying Vehicle Manufacturing Defects

Each year, auto manufacturers issue about 500 recalls. Most of them are small, inexpensive, easy to repair and not terrifying at all. These are not those recalls.

Is carbon fiber old news?

Carbon fiber is one of the lightest and strongest materials used in auto manufacturing; however, it's expensive and time consuming to produce. Has it already been replaced by something better?

What does the reptilian brain have to do with car manufacturing?

There's a deep level of our brain that controls survival functions, like hunger, breathing, and fight-or-flight responses. It's called the reptilian brain. Oddly enough, it chooses the cars we buy, too.

How Automotive Metal Cutting Works

The metal cutting tools and techniques used by automakers require both precision and speed. But how do auto manufacturers maintain that balance? And what are the tools (and tricks) of the trade?

How Automotive Metal Forming Works

Man's ability to form metal into useful shapes dates back thousands of years; however, over the last century our metal-forming technologies have dramatically improved. Modern cars are proof of that.

How Automotive Finishing Works

Automotive paint finishes do more than boost aesthetics; they also protect the rest of the car. What goes into applying a vehicle's finish before it gets to you?

How are automotive plastics manufactured?

You're probably aware that modern auto manufacturers use lots of plastic in the production process. But do you know the reasons why they use plastics? Or how they do it?

Does CAD make better cars than human designs?

Designing a car is tougher than it looks -- pencil and paper just won't cut it these days. Computer-aided design (CAD) software makes the job easier, but will it eventually replace human automotive designers?

How Automotive Fine-Tuning Works

If you've ever driven a brand new car, then you may have noticed how smoothly it runs and how everything is in working order. But how are vehicles fine-tuned to give you that new car experience?

What are fit and finish and why do they matter?

Nobody wants a car that looks (or feels) like it was hastily put together at the factory. But are automakers really paying more attention to the details now than they were in the past?

How are interior car panels installed?

Interior car panels cover wiring and motors, protect windows and keep you safe during impact. How are these panels constructed and installed?

Top 5 Materials Used in Auto Manufacturing

Several materials have long been used to create some common and unexpected automobile parts, but a few new substances are gaining ground in the industry. Which materials are used the most in auto manufacturing?

Are Japanese car building techniques the best?

General Motors, Ford and Chrysler satisfied American automotive lust for decades -- until Japanese automakers began to dominate the market. What do companies like Toyota, Subaru and Hyundai do differently?

How Automotive Quality Control Works

In the auto industry, the quality control process starts long before the first cars ever roll off the assembly line. In fact, by that point, most of the kinks have already been worked out.

Top 5 Latest Auto Manufacturing Trends

Henry Ford's Model T factory revolutionized the ways cars were built in the 20th century. What are five of the latest auto manufacturing trends that keep modernizing the industry?

How Automotive Production Lines Work

There was a time when all cars were entirely hand-built -- assembled one at a time until each one was complete and then it was on to the next one. Automotive production lines changed that forever.