Car Steering and Suspension

The Car Steering and Suspension Channel explains the systems that help keep your car driving smoothly and precisely. Learn about auto suspension and steering.

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Have you ever hit a bump in the road and gone flying up in the air? Learn how vertical acceleration works in this article.

By Contributors

Your car's suspension maximizes friction between the tires and road and provides steering stability. But how have suspensions evolved over the years and where is the design headed in the future?

By William Harris & Kristen Hall-Geisler

When it comes to crucial automotive systems, steering is right up there with the engine and the brakes. The inner workings of this important component are pretty cool. Find out all about car steering systems.

By Karim Nice


Four-wheel drive can be useful in rough weather or terrain. A lot of drivers use it just to make everyday errands a little more exciting, nothing quite like jumping a few curbs in a supermarket parking lot. Find out how four-wheel-drive systems keep cars on solid footing.

By Karim Nice

Stabilizer bars are sometimes also called anti-sway bars or anti-roll bars. Find out how stabilizer bars keep a car's body from "rolling" in sharp turns.