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Be Your Own Mechanic

The 1960 MGA 1600 Roadster was so revolutionary that MG started all over at the beginning of the alphabet and named it the MGA. Although not very fast, the MGA 1600 Roadster had superb handling. Read more about it.

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Chopped Mercurys of the 1950s

The chopped Mercurys of the 1950s marked the beginning of the custom car phenomenon. Hot rod magazines were the product of the growing trend in chopping and customizing Mercurys of the era. Read about the 1949-1951 Mercs the ultimate customs.

1950 Ford Custom Crestliner

Despite its good looks, the 1950 Ford Custom Crestliner was a slow seller. It was a trimmed-up Tudor with vinyl roof, sweeping two-tone paint treatment, rear fender skirts, and a luxury interior. Read about the 1950 the Ford Custom Crestliner.

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