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1957-1960 Ford F-Series

The 1957-1960 Fords offered innovations in its F-Series pickup trucks that had lasting impact. The bed stretched over the wheels, which created an eight percent increase in cargo space. Learn about 1957-1960 Ford F-Series.

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  • 1903-1919 Ford Trucks

    1903-1919 Ford Trucks

    Ford trucks grew from a humble start in 1903 to the creation of an empire with the 1909 Ford Model T. Learn how Ford paved the road for more than 100 years of truck. See more »

  • 1920-1929 Ford Trucks

    1920-1929 Ford Trucks

    The early Twenties were a time of expansion and innovation for Ford. As the Ford Company grew in the 1920s, so did the demand for Ford trucks. Explore 1920s Ford trucks in this article. See more »

  • 1928 Ford Model A/AA

    1928 Ford Model A/AA

    The 1928 Ford Model A/AA pickup was Ford's long-awaited replacement for the Model T. People rushed to showrooms to see the Ford Model A, and soon it became quite fashionable to be seen in the new Ford. Get details about the 1928 Ford Model A/AA. See more »

  • 1930-1931 Ford Model A Truck

    1930-1931 Ford Model A Truck

    The 1930-1931 Ford Model A truck was America's best truck value in the early 1930s. It could do 60 mph, had a modern gearbox and electrical system, and stopped better with mechanical brakes on all four wheels. Read about the 1930-1931 Ford Model A truck. See more »

  • 1930-1939 Ford Trucks

    1930-1939 Ford Trucks

    Ford's depression battle plan was simple: Build better cars and trucks. The Ford trucks of 1930 featured revised styling and sleek looks. Explore 1930s Ford trucks in this article. See more »

  • 1938-1939 Ford Panel and Pickup

    1938-1939 Ford Panel and Pickup

    The 1938-1939 Ford panel and pickup trucks were the new face of Ford trucks. The revamp included a more spacious cab larger cargo box and longer car-like fenders. See pictures and learn about the 1938-1939 Ford panel and pickup. See more »

  • 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery

    1940 Ford Sedan Delivery

    The 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery had the classic 1940 Ford styling. Many connoisseurs of design declare it the best-looking sedan delivery ever -- and it's hard to argue with them. Learn more about the highly collectible 1940 Ford Sedan Delivery. See more »

  • 1940-1941 Ford Half-Ton Pickup

    1940-1941 Ford Half-Ton Pickup

    The 1940-1941 Ford half-ton pickup is the quintessential prewar truck design. Improved engineering and handsome styling made it a popular choice among truck buyers in the 1940s. See pictures and learn about the 1940-1941 Ford half-ton pickup. See more »

  • 1940-1949 Ford Trucks

    1940-1949 Ford Trucks

    There were ups and downs for Ford during the 1940s. The 1940s Ford trucks took on car styling for the first time since 1932. Learn how Ford trucks evolved during the 1940s in this article. See more »

  • 1942-1947 Ford Half-Ton Pickup

    1942-1947 Ford Half-Ton Pickup

    Ford's 1942-1947 pickups moved away from the previous car-like styling, but they offered good performance in a rugged lightweight truck. Learn about the features and collectability of these classic truck models. See more »

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