1941 Chevrolet Series AG Sedan Delivery and Coupe Pickup

The 1941 Chevrolet Series AG Sedan Delivery combined handsome styling and a host of mechanical improvements over the 1940 model. See more classic truck pictures.

The1941 Chevrolet Series AG Sedan Delivery and Coupe Pickup combined passenger-car styling and comfort with the utility of a light-duty panel truck. The concept actually dated back to 1928, when the legendary Harley Earl first began designing Chevrolets.


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In 1941, it was a perfect companion to the 1941 Chevy car line -- a beautiful redesign, which many felt made arch-rival Ford look like a plowhorse.

Like the passenger cars, the 1941 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery and its 1941 Chevrolet Coupe Pickup cousin (with a little pickup bed replacing the trunk) used a higher-compression 216.5-cubic-inch six, developing 90 horsepower.


A new carburetor was designed to prevent engine stalling during sudden stops, an annoying -- and potentially dangerous -- habit of certain earlier Chevys. A larger radiator core and new double-outlet water pump eased cooling, while a higher-capacity coil and condenser promoted quick starts.

Hydraulic brakes and an independent front suspension were just some of the features of the 1941 Chevrolet Series AG Sedan Delivery.

In short, a fine machine in 1940 had been made even better for 1941. It's worthwhile to compare this vehicle to the 1928 Chevrolet pickup. In that 13-year period, wheelbase had grown nine inches, length nearly 40 inches, weight rose 600 pounds, horsepower 55 -- with two cylinders added.

Yet the 1941 Chevrolet Series AG Sedan Delivery and pickup cost only about $60 more than their 1928 counterparts. (Of course, these Depression years weren't noted for inflation: the first-class postal rate, two cents in 1928, rose to a mere three cents in 1941.)

A host of mechanical improvements had come during the prior decade, including hydraulic brakes, synchromesh transmission, no-draft ventilation, double-acting shock absorbers, independent front suspension, and vacuum-assisted gearshift.

Note that the 1941 Chevrolet Series AG Sedan Delivery shown here has been upgraded with a comfortably padded bench seat (thin, separate seats were original), stainless steel windshield moldings and hood vents, wood-grained dash, and wind-up clock -- all features of the up-market Special DeLuxe passenger cars.

The bed of the 1941 Chevrolet Series AG Coupe Pickup could be replaced by a regular trunklid, converting the vehicle to a conventional coupe.

Also, its cargo area and cab floor have been carpeted. The 9918 examples built in 1941 were normally trimmed to more spartan Master DeLuxe specs.


Collectible Pluses of the 1941 Chevrolet AG Sedan Delivery and Coupe Pickup

  • Really fine, Buick-like styling
  • Handsome die-cast grille
  • Excellent performance for a six
  • Strong collector and club support


Collectible Minuses of the 1941 Chevrolet AG Sedan Delivery and Coupe Pickup

  • Relatively expensive (Sedan Delivery)
  • Hard to find

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