Classic GMC Trucks

The Classic GMC Trucks Channel includes histories, photos and specs for this classic truck. Explore Classic GMC truck lineups.

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1955 GMC Suburban Pickup

The newly-redesigned 1955 GMC Suburban Pickup offered a winning combination of comfortable car-like styling and rugged workhorse power. Learn more about why this classic truck was and is so popular.

1937 GMC Pickup

Where does an American truck meet early 20th century Art Deco style? In the 1937 GMC Pickup. See how this classic truck combined elegance with functionality.

1950 GMC FC101 Pickup

By 1950 GMC trucks were looking more and more like Chevrolets, often to the dismay of fans. But GMC maintained one special characteristic -- a striking chrome front grille.

1946 GMC CC-152 Pickup

The 1946 GMC CC-152 Pickup was a continuation of a prewar design that first appeared with the 1941 model. The basic cab and sheetmetal, including new front fenders with headlight pods, were shared with Chevrolet. Check out the 1946 GMC CC-152 Pickup.