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1959 Bocar XP-5

The 1959 Bocar XP-5 was created to be the fastest and safest sports car in the world. The XP-5's acceleration would qualify for a near-supercar ranking even today. Learn more about this incredible sports car.

1953 Woodill Wildfire

The 1953 Woodill Wildfire was Robert Woodill's failed attempt to create an affordable sports car like Jaguar's. Woodill wasn't the only one to fail at producing a new novel car. Read more about this limited production fiberglass sports car.

1956-1958 Lotus Eleven

The 1956-1958 Lotus Eleven's advance design pushed technology to the limit. The chassis was specially designed to cheat the wind, making the Lotus Eleven amazingly functional and efficient. Learn more about this rugged two-seater.

1950 Healey Silverstone

Before the Nash-Healey and Austin-Healey, or even the 1950 Healey Silverstone, there were simply Healeys, sport cars designed and built by Donald Healey from 1946-1954. Read about the 1950 Healey Silverstone and its sleek, rugged streamlined shape.

1954 OSCA MT-4 Sports Racer

The 1954 OSCA MT-4 sports racer is the world's most famous sports-racing OSCA. Its dual-overhead-cam four displaced just 1-1/2 liters (1,452 cc), and horsepower totaled only 130 at 6,300 rpm. Learn how the 1954 OSCA MT-4 Sports Racer overachieved.

1955 Ferrari 250 MM GT Berlinetta

Early Ferraris like the 1955 Ferrari 250 MM GT Berlinetta were typical of low-volume cars in that there was little apparent consistency among them. Learn about the history, design, and specifications of the 1955 Ferrari 250 MM GT Berlinetta.

1949-1954 Allard J2 and J2-X

The Allards most remembered by racing fans, especially American racing spectators, were the J2 and J2-X. Who can forget those bellowing monsters churning out of a turn with tapered rear and uplifted prow? Check out the 1949-1954 Allard J2 and J2-X.

1948 Porsche 356/2 Coupe

The 356/2 Porsche was developed by Ferdinand Porsche's son while Ferdinand was in prison. Volkswagen components were the basis for its design. See pictures and learn how the father-and-son team created this famous car.

1956 Ferrari 410 Superamerica

At first glance, the 1956 Ferrari 410 Superamerica looks like a Chrysler Corporation show car from the mid-1950s. The styling has a vintage flair, from the trapezoidal grille to the flaring tailfins. Learn about the 1956 Ferrari 410 Superamerica.

1955-1962 MGA

By 1955, the MG-TF had become rather dated. MG enthusiasts the world over clamored for something more modern and faster to keep pace with the new Triumph TR-2. The 1955-1962 MGA was Abingdon's answer. Learn details and history of the 1955-1962 MGA.

1956-1966 Ferrari Superamerica and Superfast

The 1956-1966 Ferrari Superamerica and Superfast have been referred to as "the ultimate street Ferraris" by automotive historian Richard Langworth, describing them as "monstrously powerful." Check out the 1956-1966 Ferrari Superamerica and Superfast.

1949-1961 Jaguar XK Sports Cars

Milestones by almost any standard, the sleek and speedy Jaguar XK sports cars, the XK-120 and its XK-140 and XK-150 descendants, have long been recognized among the most romantic sports cars ever built. Read about the 1949-1961 Jaguar XK Sports Cars.

1954-1965 Alfa Romeo Giulietta and Giulia

Alfa Romeo trained its sights on creating an affordable small sedan in the early 1950s. Read how the temptation to make something livelier and more exciting of the new car resulted in a real jewel, the 1954-1965 Alfa Romeo Giulietta and Giulia.

1953 Triumph TR2 Roadster

A humble start is never an absolute impediment to making great cars. Automotive history is rich with admired vehicles made with ingenious use of existing parts and stretching of scarce funds. Read about one example, the 1953 Triumph TR2 Roadster.

1949-1952 Crosley Hotshot and Super Sports

The 1949-1952 Crosley Hotshot and Super Sports were America's only true postwar sports cars before the Corvette. The company had no factory support, but a handful of private owners ensured the quality of the vehicle. Learn about these collectible autos.

1965-1967 Buick Gran Sport

The 1965-1967 Buick Gran Sport was a Skylark-based performance option that became available mid-1965. Buick renamed their 401 engine to the 400 which turned out to be a perfect fit for the A-body Skylark. Find out how the Buick Gran Sport stacked up.

1963-1980 Triumph Spitfire

Having been shelved for lack of funds, a certain “hump under a dust sheet” peaked the curiosity of new CEO Stanley Markland during a casual factory tour. Shortly after, the 1963 Triumph Spitfire was a worldwide bestseller.

1955-1963 Mercedes-Benz 190SL

The 1955-1963 Mercedes-Benz 190SL was created as a more-accessible, less-expensive version of the 300SL. However, most critics agree that this model was underpowered and lacked any sort of performance. Explore successes and failures of the 190SL.

1968-1972 Chevrolet Corvette

The 1968-1972 Chevrolet Corvette had bold new styling but was criticized for poor workmanship. More compromise went into the design of this car and that left Corvette enthusiasts unhappy with the performance. Get vital details on the fifth-generation Corvettes.

Jaguar XKE History

To anyone who loves automobiles for romance rather than utility, the Jaguar XKE ranks among the most important cars ever created. And not only for its virtues as a vehicle.

Jaguar XKE Series 3 V-12

The Jaguar XKE Series 3 V-12 debuted in 1971 to combat emissions regulations. Unfortunately, the V-12 was never able to capture the magic the original XKE created in the 1960s. Learn about the XKE Series 3 design reviews specifications and more.

Jaguar Cars

Jaguar cars come alive in these profiles pictures and specifications of Jaguar's hottest sports models. Learn about the sexy Jaguar XKE the LeMans-winning D-Type and C-Type racers and the classic SS 100 roadster.

Jaguar XKE Road Tests

The Jaguar XKE, revealed in 1961, was a roadgoing race car that delighted drivers and reviewers. This car featured a race-proven twin-cam engine four-speed gearbox and all-wheel disc brakes. Find out what it's like to drive a Jaguar XKE.

Jaguar XKE Series 2

The Jaguar XKE Series 2 was born of a gradual series of updates and refinements to earlier Jaguar sports cars. Unfortunately, some of the modifications resulted in a high-performance sports car that was slower than before. Learn the history of the Jaguar XKE.

Jaguar SS 100

Jaguar's SS 100 was a stylish powerful sports car that won fans while maintaining affordable prices. It was the unique styling this car had that Jaguar founder William Lyons built his company. Find pictures and specifications for the SS 100.