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The Jaguar XKE, introduced in 1961, defined Jaguar's sexy approach to sports car design. See more Jaguar pictures.
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Jaguar cars evoke sensuous styling, snarling engines, and heroic drivers defending England's honor. That excitement and more roars to life when you link to the articles below.


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These Jaguar cars articles focus on the great sporting cats and tell about their design, their performance, and their driving feel. Included are pictures and key specifications, including acceleration and top-speed figures.

Learn about the Jaguar SS 100 of the 1930s that launched the British marque into sports car history.


Discover how the Jaguar C-Type and D-Type sports-racing cars beat Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and other rivals to win the 24 Hours of LeMans five times in the 1950s, a thrilling run that brought Jaguar world renown and a treasured legacy.

Jaguar shook the automotive universe in 1949 with the release of its magnificent XK 120 sports car, and did it again in 1961 with the epochal Jaguar XKE.

Get the complete story of the XKE, from its development, to its glory years, to its proud end as a V-12-powered survivor. Along the way, see pictures of every XKE generation and read what it was like to climb behind the wheel and roar across a continent in one of these fantastic masterpieces.

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