Porsche 928

The Porsche 928, a brilliant front-engine, V-8 coupe, had an 18-year model run. See more pictures of classic cars.

The Porsche 928 debuted for 1978 as a potential front-engine replacement for the hallowed rear-engine Porsche 911. Some contemporary critics called it the world's best performance car. But as you'll learn in the articles linked below, the 928 didn't displace the 911 in Porsche showrooms, or in the hearts of Porsche fanatics.

Porsche's plan seemed sound enough. The basic 911 concept dated from the 1940s; wasn't the sports car world ready for something more modern?


Check out this richly illustrated history of the Porsche 928 to discover why the 928 ended production in 1995. The Porsche 911, of course lives on.

For the complete story of the Porsche 928, read on.

Porsche 928 History: It was a new kind of Porsche, a magnificent front-engine V-8 grand touring coupe. Delve into the complete story of a Porsche flagship that was more respected than loved.

Porsche 928 Pictures and Specifications: Nothing on the road looked like the Porsche 928 when it bowed in 1978. See a cool collection of pictures tracing its look right through the last edition, the 1995 928GTS. Along the way, check out every version's dimensions, horsepower, price, and more in these 928 specifications.

  • 1978-1982 Porsche 928 Pictures and Specifications
  • 1983-1992 Porsche 928 S and 928S 4 Pictures and Specifications
  • 1993-1995 Porsche 928 GTS

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