1940s Classic Mercury Cars

The 1940s Classic Mercury Cars Channel covers popular antique Mercurys from the decade. Take a look under the hoods of different 1940s classic Mercury cars.

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1940 Mercury Club Coupe

The 1940 Mercury Club Coupe was the brainchild of Edsel Ford. It was named after the Roman god Mercury and featured several different body styles. Prices ranged from $946 to $1,212. Learn more about this beautiful classic of the 40s.

1940 Mercury Town Sedan

The 1940 Mercury Town Sedan, a medium-priced car, was inspired by Henry Ford's only son Edsel. It was priced under $1,000 and was offered in four body styles. See photos and learn about the 1940 Mercury Town Sedan.

1941-1948 Mercury

The 1941-1948 Mercury cars bore visible evidence of the close ties with Ford. This car was designed to fill a 500-dollar price gap in the Ford lineup. Many parts were from other Ford models. Find out about the origins of Mercury and how it struggled to grow up.

1941-1942 Mercury

The 1941-1942 Mercury was the last Mercury made during the beginning of World War II. Learn more about this relatively rare collectible muscle car, including specs, engine type and more.

1946 Mercury Sportsman

The 1946 Mercury Sportsman combined the look of a woody wagon with a ragtop convertible with mixed results. The Sportsman wore solid maple or yellow birch framing and mahogany insert panels. Learn about this classic convertible.