1940s Classic Hudson Cars

The 1940s Classic Hudson Cars Channel covers popular antique Hudsons from the decade. Take a look under the hoods of 1940s classic Hudson cars.


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1941-1947 Hudson

The 1941-1947 Hudson models saw the automaker through a challenging era in its history. These cars featured innovative new mechanical features such as a smoother clutch and safer brakes. Learn how Hudson fared before during and after World War II.

1948-1949 Hudson Commodore Eight

The 1948-1949 Hudson Commodore Eight was a top-of-the-line luxury car with smooth roadability because of its low center of gravity. Learn more about this classic collectible.

1946-1947 Hudson Super Six

The 1946-1947 Hudson Super Six was the best-selling Hudson of the early postwar years. Three transmissions were offered: overdrive Drive-Master and Vacumotive Drive. See a collectible that's still relatively easy to find today.

1946-1947 Hudson Commodore Eight

The 1946-1947 Hudson Commodore Eight was the top-line series in Hudson's post-war lineup. The big eight gave the Commodore strong performance -- and you also got nicer trim than in the Super Six. Get model details on this big eight collectible here.

1948-1949 Hudson Super Eight

The 1948-1949 Hudson Super Eight featured great Step-Down design and eight-cylinder performance. It was the cheaper of Hudson's two eight-cylinder series in this period. Get details and specs on this collectible car here.

1948-1949 Hudson Super Six

The 1948-1949 Hudson Super Six was one of the great designs of the early postwar years. The "Step-Down" Hudson was low and sleek -- it even looks pretty good today. Get details and specifications on this exceptional collectible car.

1948-1949 Hudson Commodore Six

The 1948-1949 Hudson Commodore Six was a more lushly appointed version of the Super Six. It was available as a Brougham convertible as well as in two- and four-door sedan body types. Get production details on this great collectible car.