1940s Classic Dodge Cars

The 1940s Classic Pontiac Cars Channel covers popular antique Pontiacs from the decade. Take a look under the hoods of different 1940s classic Pontiac cars.

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1941 Dodge Custom Town Sedan

The 1941 Dodge Custom Town Sedan had a base price of $999 and was the most popular in its line. Dodge built 72,067 Custom 4-door sedans. Its popularity was assured by the new styling. Read more about the 1941 Dodge Custom Town Sedan.

1940-1948 Dodge

From its early days as an independent to its merger with Chrysler, Dodge has produced quality cars. Models from the 1940-1948 years upheld traditional Dodge values of durability and great monetary value. Find out what makes the 1940-1948 Dodge special.

1946-1949 Dodge Custom Convertible

The 1946-1949 Dodge Custom Convertible was the postwar continuation of the Dietrich-styled bodywork. It lasted through the spring of 1949, at which point Dodge's restyled "second series" 1949s appeared. Read more about this classic car.

1941-1942 Dodge Custom Convertible

The 1941-1942 Dodge Custom Convertible put a facelift on the 1940 model, featuring a more massive divided grille. The distinctive Dodge ram mascot was now unrecognizable. Read more about the specifications and pluses and minuses of this classic car.