1940s Classic Cadillac Cars

The 1940s Classic Cadillac Cars Channel covers popular antique Cadillacs from the decade. Take a look under the hoods of different 1940s classic Cadillac cars.

The 1940 Cadillac Custom Convertible was wider, lower, rounder, and featured modern, curvaceous "torpedo" styling. It sported a diecast grille with bold bars and less prominent "catwalk" grilles. Read about the 1940 Cadillac Custom Convertible.

The 1947 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible was the company's most popular model after World War II, accounting for two-thirds of Cadillac production in 1947. See pictures and learn why the 1947 Cadillac Series was so popular.

The 1948-1949 Cadillac Series Sixty-One Sedanet has fine styling attributes and Milestone car status. This car is not as flashy as the Sixty-Two, but some collectors consider that a selling point. Learn more about this collectible car from Cadillac.

The 1948-1949 Cadillac Series Sixty-Two Convertible/Sedanet was one of the most graceful cars of the postwar era. Widely recognized for excellence, this car is in high-demand on the collector market. Learn more about the Cadillac Series Sixty-Two.

The 1949 Cadillac Series Sixty-Two Coupe DeVille was one of the first hardtop convertibles. Unfortunately, this car is very hard to find, and that is causing a steady increase in price. Get more details on this rare Milestone collectible car.

The 1940-1949 Cadillacs showcased important engineering developments and beautiful designs. Learn about features like the eggcrate grille, bullet-shape fenders, fastback roofline, the hallmark tailfin and the overhead-valve V-8 engine that were rolled out in the 1940s.