1940s Classic Kaiser Cars

The 1940s Classic Kaiser Cars Channel covers popular antique Kaisers from the decade. Take a look under the hoods of different 1940s classic Kaiser cars.

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1947 Kaiser Special

The 1947 Kaiser Special dates from a time of shining possibilities for its manufacturer. The gleaming freshness of the 1947 Kaiser Special is a metaphor in metal for Kaiser-Frazer's prospects in its early days. Learn about the 1947 Kaiser Special.

1947-1948 Kaiser Custom

The 1947-1948 Kaiser Custom was a most luxurious top-of-the-line model among early Kaisers. Its price premium over the basic Special was largely due to its more plush, color-keyed interior.

1949-1950 Kaiser DeLuxe

The 1949-1950 Kaiser DeLuxe was Kaiser's renamed upper series for these years. It had 3 special versions: the Vagabond, the Special Traveler, and the Virginian. Learn more about this auto's specifications.

1949-1950 Kaiser Special Traveler

The 1949-1950 Kaiser Special Traveler, a basic version of the DeLuxe Vagabond, may be just the thing for your shopping. Learn about this unique classic car and discover its pros and cons.