How do self-parking cars and car computers work? What is drifting? Read the answers to these and other questions in the Trends & Innovations Channel.
Be Your Own Mechanic

Why are the sales of electronics for your car expected to rise 12 percent this year?

GPS receiver, iPod docking station, keyless entry -- we don't think twice about these gadgets for our cars. What's going on with telematics sales?

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  • How an Electronic Sun Visor Works

    How an Electronic Sun Visor Works

    A sun visor's primary role in any car is pretty straightforward, right? But as far as automotive designers and aftermarket electronics manufacturers are concerned, anything can be improved. See more »

  • How are cars becoming more user-friendly?

    How are cars becoming more user-friendly?

    Fred Flintstone had a car that he had to power with his own feet; by that standard, all of today's cars are pretty easy to use. But cars are becoming even more user-friendly -- so user-friendly, in fact, that they may not even require a user at all. See more »

  • How Automatic Braking Systems Work

    How Automatic Braking Systems Work

    Most auto manufacturers want to make it clear that they're not trying to take driving away from the driver. But research shows that we could use a little help in the braking department. See more »

  • How Car Computers Work

    How Car Computers Work

    Each year, cars seem to get more and more complicated --cars today might use as many 50 microprocessors! Although they can make it more difficult for you to work on your own car, some microprocessors actually make your car easier to service. See more »

  • How Car Ergonomics Work

    How Car Ergonomics Work

    Logging long hours behind the wheel of your auto can take a toll on your psyche and your body. How are engineers working to make your car rides more comfortable? See more »

  • How Center-mounted Airbags Work

    How Center-mounted Airbags Work

    The design is a little odd, but a center-mounted airbag might keep you from smacking skulls with the other front seat passenger during a side-impact collision or rollover. See more »

  • How do hybrids utilize eco-plastics?

    How do hybrids utilize eco-plastics?

    Hybrid manufacturers tend to keep their focus on gas mileage and power, but that's starting to change as eco-plastics debut in some of the market's most popular cars. Where might you find eco-plastic in your hybrid? See more »

  • How do they create the hopping cars you see in the movies?

    How do they create the hopping cars you see in the movies?

    I would really like to know how people can make their cars jump up and down with their front wheels like they do in movies like "Boyz in the Hood." See more »

  • How Driverless Cars Will Work

    How Driverless Cars Will Work

    Sure it'd be nice to have your car ferry you through the morning commute, but that's the stuff of sci-fi dreams, right? You'll be surprised at what driverless technology is already under your hood. See more »

  • How Hypercars Work

    How Hypercars Work

    Even if you drive a hybrid vehicle, wouldn't it be great if you could get better mileage? How about 100 miles per gallon, or even more? See more »

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