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With nearly 20 years of chopper-building experience behind them the creators of the 300 VM Appaloosa gave it a classic design with big power. It can also be built from a Surgical-Steeds kit. See photos and specifications for the 300 VM Appaloosa chopper.

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Motorcycle rallies and rides have a long, rich history in America. For many riders, they're a source of great pride and inspiration; for others, a chance to escape from everyday life and make new friends. In this quiz, we'll talk about the history, geography and demographics of some of the country's most famous biker rallies. Get ready to test your rally knowledge!

1981 Honda CBX

The 1981 Honda CBX motorcycle was an excellent bike in search of an audience. Most of the competition was lighter and faster which made this bike appear to be all show to the racing crowd. See pictures and learn more about the 1981 Honda CBX motorcycle.

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