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Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are powered by combined fuel technologies. Learn how the Tesla Roadster or the Ford Escape hybrid technologies work and see what tax credits hybrid owners receive.

5 Luxury Hybrids

A lot of motorists are looking for ways to be a little "greener" behind the wheel, and hybrid cars seem to be the answer for many. But why not do it with a little style, right?

Electric cars that run only on power stored in their batteries -- no gasoline required -- are going to hit the mass market in the United States over the next few years, thanks to the likes of Ford, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mini and a slew of others with plans on the drawing board. Learn more about charging your electric car.

Top 10 Electric Car Frequently Asked Questions

The electric car is sure to figure prominently in any conversation about green vehicles. Learn more about the top 10 electric car frequently asked questions.

In the beginning, your main problem in keeping your electric car well-maintained is going to be finding a mechanic who knows how to do it. Learn more about more maintenance with electric cars.

A potentiometer is one of the parts an electric car needs to transfer power to the motor. Learn what a potentiometer in an electric car is in this article.

How the Veritas RS III Hybrid Will Work

Vermot AG, a German auto manufacturer, resurrected the Veritas nameplate when it introduced the Veritas RS III Roadster in 2008. And now Vermot is building the fastest plug-in hybrid on the planet.

The Horsepower Debate: Hybrids vs. Standard Cars

Like most cars, a hybrid car's power output is measured in horsepower. And since hybrid car engines tend to be smaller than most standard car engines, hybrid cars are underpowered -- right? Maybe not.

How Grants for Hybrid Cars Work

The U.S. government is investing billions of dollars in an effort to allow American industries to develop more hybrid and electric vehicles. But car companies aren't the only ones to benefit.

How can lithium-ion batteries improve hybrids?

The hybrid cars that we're familiar with use nickel metal hydride battery packs. But the next generation of hybrids, like the Chevy Volt and Fisker Karma, will use Li-ion battery cells. What's the difference?

What is the economic impact of hybrid cars?

For more than a decade now, people have debated the economic impact of hybrid vehicles. Will the fuel savings offset the difference in sticker price? What about expensive repair bills? What's the answer?

How Advanced Hybrid Systems Work

Advanced hybrid systems build on current traditional hybrid technology by improving battery power, fuel efficiency, on-demand vehicle output and driver conveniences, too. But how do they do it?