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The Under the Hood Channel explores the systems that make your car function correctly. Learn about car parts and systems and how to do routine maintenance.

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The Goodyear Eagle-360 Concept Reinvents the Wheel

The Goodyear Eagle-360 concept tire, a spherical design, was unveiled at the 2016 Geneva International Motor Show — a tire for future autonomous vehicles.

New Study: How to Build Batteries Out of Thin Air for Carbon-Negative Cars

Scientists propose extracting carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere to make carbon nanotubes, and then using those to make batteries, also counteracting climate change.

The 2017 Ford Fusion V6 Sport Will Skip Over Potholes

Looking for a smooth new ride? Ford's newest performance sedan, the 2017 Fusion V6 Sport, features pothole detection technology — allowing it to skip over potholes.

Chrysler Builds the First Plug-in Hybrid Minivan (You Know You Want It.)

This might be the minivan that finally changes your mind about minivans. The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid delivers 535 miles of range and up to 80 MPGe.

High Tech at High Speeds: Cars of the Future at CES

Looks like a sweet ride, doesn't it? Yep, these days, cars at CES rival any other crazy products on display at the massive event.

Kia Throws Its Hat Into the Autonomous Vehicle Ring at CES

One of the coolest things it's working on? Driverless valet parking, or a system that can drop you off at the curb and then find its own parking space without you.

Your Car Is a Tattletale

A driver recently tried to flee the scene of a hit-and-run, but her car turned her in.

Hands Free But Holding the Barf Bag: Driverless Cars Could Mean More Carsickness

Depending on how you spend your time in a driverless car, your likelihood of experiencing carsickness could drastically increase.

Google's 14th Autonomous Car Accident — Still Not Its Fault

If you'd been involved in 14 fender-benders, you'd probably want to reconsider driving.

Are cars designed to fail at a certain point?

Does it feel like your new car is already old by the time it rolls off the lot? If you feel this way, remember that it's probably by design. Learn the subtle and not-so-subtle tricks car makers use to make you yearn for a new vehicle.

Are manual transmissions really faster than automatics?

You've proudly driven a stick shift all your life, so you already know that manual transmissions accelerate faster than automatics. End of story. Well, that was once true, but things have changed.

Can car companies let known defects go without a recall?

You check the mail and notice that you've gotten another recall notice about some defect in your vehicle. Seems like they send them every day. But in reality, car companies do all they can to avoid a vehicle recall.

Do car interiors turn toxic in the summer?

The best part of getting a new car is that new car smell, right? Well, don't breathe it in too deeply — that smell is produced by hundreds of chemicals, many of them harmful.

Do you really need to pay for that 30,000-mile service?

You simply love your car. You've been all over the place with it, but now you're staring at the 30,000-mile service — the first major check up on the vehicle. Is it worth it?

How old is the electric car?

Electric vehicles always seem to look so shiny and new. Shiny, yes — but they're not necessarily new. Turns out electric cars have been around since long before the Model T.

Did Henry Ford invent the car?

There's perhaps no single person more associated with the automobile than Henry Ford, who's credited with bringing the car to the masses. But did Ford actually invent the car?

Do red cars get pulled over more often for speeding?

We've all heard the same old line countless times: Red cars get pulled over more often for speeding than cars of any other color. But is it true? The answer may surprise you.

Did cars ever have external combustion engines?

Most modern cars and trucks are powered by an internal combustion engine. But was there ever a time when vehicles were powered by engines that required an external source of heat?

Did the Nazis invent the Volkswagen Beetle?

It had to seat five occupants. It had to be easy to maintain. It had to be capable of traveling quickly on the autobahn and be affordable on an average salary. Was the VW Beetle really a Nazi design?

Do black cars get hotter in the summer?

It's common knowledge that dark colors absorb heat while light colors reflect it. But does that really mean that black cars tend to get hotter in the summer?

Do red cars cost more to insure?

If you drive a red car, it might seem like the world is out to get you. You already get more speeding tickets. Wait, that's not true? Well, then there must be some amount of truth to the notion that red cars cost more to insure, right?

What causes 'new car smell'?

There's nothing quite like the smell of a new car interior. It's not exactly a fresh scent, but it's definitely an unused scent. So what really causes that "new car smell"?

5 Myths About Henry Ford

Henry Ford didn't just build cars — he totally revolutionized the process, inventing new systems and methods that are still in use today. But is everything you've heard about the man accurate?

10 Most Terrifying Vehicle Manufacturing Defects

Each year, auto manufacturers issue about 500 recalls. Most of them are small, inexpensive, easy to repair and not terrifying at all. These are not those recalls.

10 Features We Want to See in Self-driving Cars

It's arriving in bits and pieces, but there's a whole new world of automotive tech coming in the next decade. The future of self-driving cars has the potential to be pretty amazing.