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If you're like most people, you've never heard of the Maybach. It's an unbelievable driving machine, complete with back-seat writing tables and an engine that can outperform the Corvette's.

By Marshall Brain

What's a car without an engine? A GM Hy-wire. There's no combustion, no linkages, and it has driver controls that work like a video-game joystick. See what you could be driving in the future.

By Tom Harris

Sales of electric cars keep soaring and the technology just keeps getting better. So how do electric cars work and just how green are they?

By Cherise Threewitt


The North American International Auto Show kicks off the year with amazing concept cars and hundreds of innovations. Get daily coverage and a front-row seat at the unveilings!

By Kevin Bonsor & Karim Nice

Bogged down in bumper-to-bumper traffic, have you ever daydreamed about taking off and flying over the road? What would it take to -- finally -- get cars airborne?

By Kevin Bonsor

How does a hybrid car improve your gas mileage? And more importantly, does it pollute less just because it gets better gas mileage? Learn how hybrids work, plus get tips on how to drive a hybrid car for maximum efficiency.

By Karim Nice, Julia Layton & Sascha Bos

Champ Cars have carbon fiber bodies, 900-horsepower engines and top speeds of over 230 mph! With the help of the Motorola PacWest Racing Team and CART, go behind the scenes to learn about the car the team and the driver!

By Marshall Brain