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Car Manufacturer Profiles

You know the names, but you may not the history behind some of the biggest automobile makers out there. Learn about the good, the bad and the ugly on car manufacturers.

How Frazer Cars Work

Frazer made genuinely new post-war cars, while most automakers released redesigned prewar models. They looked good, very clean, with modest horizontal grilles, and little decorative chrome or sculptured sheet metal. Learn how this helped Frazer get started.

How Studebaker Works

Studebaker started in 1852 with covered wagons and horse-drawn vehicles. In 1902, Studebaker began building automobiles. Learn about the history of Studebaker and its demise in the 1960s. See more »

How Eagle Cars Work

Eagle was formed by Chrysler from the defunct American Motors Corporation. Chrysler inherited the right to use the Eagle name on their cars after buying AMC. Learn why Chrysler bought the name from Renault and what they did with it. See more »

How Reo Cars Work

The Reo Motor Car Company was created in 1904 out of an argument at Olds Motor Works. Reo fielded one-, two-, four-, and six-cylinder cars. Learn all about Reo which stopped making cars in 1936. See more »

How Rambler Cars Work

Rambler cars got their start as a successful compact model put out by Nash in 1950. Rambler sold more than 30,000 1958 Rambler Americans. Learn all about Rambler which closed shop in the late '60s. See more »

How Packard Cars Work

Founded by James Ward Packard in 1989, Packard was once a leader among automakers, but changing tastes and poor business decisions doomed the brand. Learn more about Packard cars. See more »

How DeSoto Cars Work

Prosperity seemed endless in 1928, when the fast-rising new Chrysler Corporation purchased Dodge and issued its first DeSoto. These good times were short-lived, but the DeSoto would be one of the few pre-Depression "expansion" models to survive. See more »

How Terraplane Cars Work

Terraplane cars which grew out of the successful Essex Terraplane made by Hudson were built from 1934 to 1938. They were a tremendous boost to parent company Hudson's bottom line. Learn all about Terraplane cars. See more »

How Checker Cars Work

Checker is best known for specially designing taxicabs and airport limousines. They later built cars like the Superba and Marathon for the public. Find out more about Checker cars. See more »

How Tucker Cars Work

Preston Tucker's plan for a wholly new car was too ambitious to succeed. The 1948 Tucker Torpedo was remarkably innovative, but only 50 cars were ever produced. Learn about the brief heyday of the Tucker Torpedo. See more »

How Avanti Cars Work

Avanti splintered off from the Studebaker name in 1965 and since that time has gone through a series of owners. Avanti II gained success by being hand-built for each customer. Learn about the history of Avanti. See more »