Concept Cars

Concept cars are created by automakers to showcase new technologies and designs, but they are not mass-produced. Explore the future of automotive and see what you might be driving in a few years.

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It's based on the chassis and suspension of the production Ford GT, and it's packing 600 horsepower. But its look is truly vintage. Check out a concept car that could be winning races in the next few years.

By Ed Grabianowski

The MTRC Toyota's latest concept car is about as futuristic as automotive technology gets. Take a look at its ultra-modern design and learn how it pushes the limits of current technology.

By Shane Speck

While the design of the YCC is filled with forward-looking ideas, the most innovative aspect of the car is not the design but who designed it -- an all-female team. With everything from an interchangeable interior to special features like Ergovision and Autopark you'll be amazed by this cutting-edge sports coupe. Take a look inside the YCC.

By Kevin Bonsor


What has a better power-to-weight ratio than an Enzo Ferrari, and enough room for a normal person to sit comfortably? It’s the Chrysler ME Four-Twelve concept car (that’s right we said Chrysler). Check it out.

By Ed Grabianowski

With the unveiling of the Personal Mobility (PM) concept car Toyota's designers have shared a new vision of personalized travel. Find out all about the PM's design power and unique features.

By Kevin Bonsor

What's a car without an engine? A GM Hy-wire. There's no combustion, no linkages, and it has driver controls that work like a video-game joystick. See what you could be driving in the future.

By Tom Harris

Bogged down in bumper-to-bumper traffic, have you ever daydreamed about taking off and flying over the road? What would it take to -- finally -- get cars airborne?

By Kevin Bonsor