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Crossover Cars

Between the squadrons of beefy SUVs and the fleets of standard passenger vehicles lie the crossover cars. Do they really offer the best of both worlds?

5 All-wheel-drive Crossover Vehicles

Crossovers have become a vast mix of functionality, style, power and comfort. But crossovers that offer all-wheel-drive capabilities provide even more options to drivers.

What are the benefits of crossover vehicle design?

By using a car-based platform, crossovers avoid most of the shortcomings associated with SUVs. In fact, there are a number of benefits to crossover vehicle design. What makes shoppers willing to make the tradeoff? See more »

5 Crossover Vehicles with the Best Fuel Economy

With the popularity of true SUVs on the decline and the price of gasoline continuing to rise, crossover vehicles have become a logical bridge between off-road trucks and fuel-efficient cars. See more »

Why are crossovers good for retirees?

Crossover vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. But can a crossover make driving easier for retirees while avoiding the stigma of driving an "old-lady car?" See more »