Other 1930s Classic Car Manufacturers

The Lagonda V-12, the American Bantam and the MG Midget are just a few examples of the exciting cars to surface in the 1930s. View photos and read histories of these and other '40s models.


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1936 Dodge D2 Convertible Sedan

The 1936 Dodge D2 Convertible Sedan was part of the newly designated Series D2 lineup, dubbed the "Beauty Winner" line by Chrysler and featured slightly revised styling carried over from 1935. See pictures and specs of this classic car.

1933 Delage D8S Sports Coupe

The machines produced by Louis Delage, including the 1933 Delage D8S Sports Coupe, exuded tasteful flair and quality. It was a luxurious passenger car that handled more like a sports car. Learn more about this collectible car.

1933 Chrysler Imperial Custom Phaeton

The 1933 Chrysler Imperial Custom Phaeton is considered to be among the company's most beautiful creations. The stunningly handsome Phaeton had power as well as looks, topping out at nearly 100 miles per hour. Read more about this classic car.

1935-1940 Peugeot 402

With its streamlined airplane-inspired design, the 1935-1940 Peugeot 402 caused quite a sensation in Europe. The design was mostly influenced by the principals that governed the young air travel industry. Follow the story of the Peugeot 402.

1936 Pierce-Arrow Eight Model 1601 Sedan

The 1936 Pierce-Arrow Eight Model 1601 Sedan was produced despite financial hardship. This model was advertised as the world's safest car and featured more than 30 notable advances. Learn more about the 1936 Pierce-Arrow Eight Model 1601 Sedan.

1930 Miller 91 Indy Car

The 1930 Miller "91" Indy Car was designed by Harry A. Miller. Miller designed and built some of the finest racing engines in the world. Relatively few cars can boast of such a long and rich racing history. Read more about the 1930 Miller "91."

1936 Singer Le Mans

The 1936 Singer Le Mans is a standout among the Singer line and the last year of this racing model. Although the Singer company started out with making bicycles, they made this roadster travel at speeds up to 90 mph. Learn more about this sleek car.

1932 Hudson Greater Eight Standard Special Coupe

The 1932 Hudson Greater Eight Standard Special Coupe entered the market at the height of the Great Depression. Despite its compelling features, prevailing economic conditions made for slow sales. Learn more about these handsomely styled cars.

1933 Hupmobile K-321 Convertible Coupe

The restored Hupmobile K-321 Convertible Coupe in this article is one of just five models known to exist. Its curvy styling and powerful features made it one of the most popular cars in the Hupmobile line. Read more about the K-321 in this article.

1933 Duesenberg Model J

The Duesenberg J was the most powerful American car before World War II. Its 420-cid straight eight with dual-overhead cams and four valves per cylinder put out 265 horsepower. Check out this magnificent early-century racing machine.

1931-1933 Chrysler Imperial Eight

The 1931-1933 Chrysler Imperial Eight cemented Chrysler's luxury-car credentials. Unfortunately for Chrysler, their introduction coincided with the depths of the Great Depression. Check out this profile, pictures, and specs for the Imperial Eight.

1930 Chrysler 70 Roadster

The 1930 Chrysler 70 Roadster was the result of an instinct that saved the Chrysler Company. Walter Chrysler had an instinct to revamp his product line in 1930. It was an instinct that paid off. Learn more about the dreamy 1930 Chrysler 70 Roadster.

1930 Isotta Fraschini 8A Flying Star Roadster

Kings, tycoons, Popes and movie stars rode in Isotta Fraschinis. The Flying Star Roadster sold for an exorbitant $20,000, but it could top 80 mph, almost unheard of at the time.

1935 Fiat 508 S MM

The streamlined 1935 Fiat 508 S MM was meant for racing and inspired by the Italian race Mille Miglia. The engine utilized Zenith downdraft carburetion that was capable of producing 36 horsepower at 4400 rpm. Learn about the 1935 Fiat S MM.