Classic Convertible Lincoln Cars

The Classic Convertible Lincoln Cars Channel lets you see under the hoods of Lincoln convertibles. Get specs on classic convertible Lincoln cars.

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1955 Lincoln Capri

The 1955 Lincoln Capri saw model-year improvements, but sales were dismal in an otherwise booming year. Learn all about the 1955 Lincoln Capri.

1956 Lincoln Premiere

The 1956 Lincoln Premiere saw record sales for the company. Today these Lincolns are bona fide collector's items, the rare ragtop especially. Learn about the appealing changes that made the Lincoln Premiere a classic convertible.

1957 Lincoln Premiere

The 1957 Lincoln Premiere's proven formula wasn't drastically changed except for the rear fender’s lofty fins. The Premiere's 368-cubic-inch V-8 produced an even 300 horsepower. Learn about this classic convertible.

1941 Lincoln Continental

The 1941 Lincoln Continental turned heads wherever it went and was still popular after World War II. Continentals were produced in coupe and convertible form from 1940 to 1948. Learn more about this classic convertible.

1951 Lincoln Cosmopolitan

The 1951 Lincoln Cosmopolitan has a "bathtub" styling which is highly prized in today's classic car market. The '51 Cosmopolitan offered Lincoln's first independent front suspension. Learn about this classic convertible.