Classic Convertible Buick Cars

The Classic Convertible Buick Cars Channel lets you see under the hoods of your favorite Buick convertible. Get specs on classic convertible Buick cars.


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1961 Buick LeSabre Convertible

The 1961 Buick LeSabre Convertible helped boost Buick's industry ranking. The Buick LeSabre came with a powerful 364-cid, 235/250 horsepower V-8 engine. Find out what made the LeSabre Convertible boost sales.

1953 Buick Wildcat

By 1953, General Motors was the master at whetting the public's appetite for dream cars at its annual Motorama show, though the company generally referred to its futuristic show cars as "experimental automobiles." Check out the 1953 Buick Wildcat.

1954-1957 Buick Century Convertible & Hardtops

The 1954-1957 Buick Century Convertible & Hardtops are among the few collectible types of cars that are still readily available and fairly affordable, though prices have recently increased. Learn more about these stylish cars.

1973 Buick Centurion

The 1973 Buick Centurion was one of the last Buick convertibles though Buick fought hard to keep convertibles alive. The Centurion featured a standard 175-horsepower 350 V-8. Learn more in this article.

1990 Buick Reatta

The 1990 Buick Reatta is already a popular prized collector car due to its limited numbers. Buick's only production two-seater died after just four years. Learn more about this classic convertible.

1955 Buick Century

The 1955 Buick Century was one of four convertibles produced by Buick in that year and was the most popular. The '55 Century offered a Fireball V-8 engine with Dynaflow transmission. Learn about this classic convertible.

1983 Buick Riviera

The 1983 Buick Riviera was a long time in coming. The ragtop didn't last long but it's a coveted rarity today. The Riviera coupes came in regular and sportier turbocharged T Type editions. Learn about this classic convertible.

1948 Buick Roadmaster

The 1948 Buick Roadmaster was designed before World War II but realeased after. It was exactly what the postwar buyers were after. An equipped Roadmaster ragtop sold for $308, which was rather pricey back then.