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Classic & Collectible Studebaker Trucks

The Classic Studebaker Trucks Channel includes histories, photos and specs for this classic truck. Explore Classic Studebaker truck lineups.

1939 Studebaker L5 Coupe-Express

Despite improving on previous models' performance and style ,the 1939 Studebaker L5 Coupe-Express met with disappointing sales, closing out Studebaker's ahead-of-its-time three-year experiment with the car-pickup concept.

1937-1938 Studebaker Coupe-Express

The 1937-1938 Studebaker Coupe-Express pickup was an innovative car-truck hybrid. See pictures and learn about the 1937-1938 Studebaker Coupe-Express. See more »

1939 Studebaker L5 Coupe-Express

The 1939 Studebaker L5 Coupe-Express was more advanced than rival pickups. See pictures and learn more about the 1939 Studebaker L5 Coupe-Express. See more »

1947 Studebaker M-5 Coupe Express

The 1947 Studebaker M-5 Coupe Express pickup had an appealing car-like cockpit. See pictures and learn about the 1947 Studebaker M-5 Coupe Express. See more »

1951 Studebaker 2R5 Pickup

The 1951 Studebaker 2R5 pickup was set apart from the herd by its Loewy-studio styling. See pictures and learn about the 1951 Studebaker 2R5 pickup. See more »

1961 Studebaker Champ

The 1961 Studebaker Champ pickup's nose was borrowed from the Studebaker Lark compact car. See pictures and learn about the 1961 Studebaker Champ. See more »

1949-1956 Studebaker Trucks

Early Studebaker trucks found success immediately in models like the Erskine and Flanders delivery car. Learn more about early Studebaker trucks. See more »