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Phillip McGilton

Phillip McGilton may not have started racing as early as some of his contemporaries, but he wasn't wasting his time either. By the age of 25, McGilton created PJM Enterprises, even as he explored racing.

Todd Bodine

Though he grew up in a family of drivers and racetrack owners, the racing bug did not infect Todd Bodine until he was 13 years old. Seeing his older brothers Geoff and Brett race was an inspiration to him to get behind the wheel himself.

AJ Allmendinger

AJ Allmendinger is comparatively new to the NASCAR Nextel racing circuit, but he's already made a name for himself around the track. Thanks to several victories and a few Rookie of the Year titles, Allmendinger is gaining in popularity.

Dave Blaney

Though racing runs in Dave Blaney's family (his father and grandfather both dabbled in motorsports), he wasn't interested in stock car racing initially. But NASCAR initially pulled him in, and he's been a successful driver ever since.

David Stremme

Not many people can claim to have won a major stock car race -- especially at the age of 15 driving their mother's car. Although David Stremme can, the officials at the New Paris Speedway disqualified him when they discovered his young age.

Brian Vickers

Brian Vickers could not have asked for a better backdrop for his childhood as an up-and-coming NASCAR racer. He was born in Thomasville, NC, near the major hub of the NASCAR universe.

Joey Logano

Joey Logano is one of NASCAR's brightest rising stars. If the nickname "Sliced Bread" doesn't clue you in, he's the next best thing to come around the race track in quite a while.

Johnny Benson

Johnny Benson, also called "Mr. Smooth," was inspired to race by his father, Johnny Benson, Sr., who raced for several decades in the smaller leagues in the Midwest. It was there on those dirt tracks that Benson, Jr., got his first taste of racing.

Justin Marks

Justin Marks loved the sport of stock car racing long before he started competing himself. It was watching the famed Daytona 500 when he was 15, live from the fan stands, that helped set Justin's mind on a future with NASCAR.

Kyle Busch

His skills as a racer have made his name one of the most recognizable and well known names in NASCAR today. Many people also look to Kyle Busch as one of the few strongholds for the future of the motor sport.

Mike Skinner

Mike Skinner got a late start in his NASCAR career, but his hard work and determination has certainly paid off in the past 14 years.

What were the stock car aero wars?

While many successful car corporations were experimenting with aerodynamics in the 1960s, the “aero war” itself usually refers to the two biggest companies, Ford and Chrysler. These corporations truly went head-to-head with each other to be the best.

What were the stock car tire wars?

All stock cars must use the exact same tires from the same manufacturer so that no racer has an advantage over another. That means only one tire manufacturer supplies NASCAR with tires.

Denny Hamlin

Denny Hamlin is a relatively new name in the world of NASCAR -- 2005 was his first full season. But racing is nothing new to Hamlin. He recorded his first karting win at the age of seven and went on to win 127 features over the course of his career.

J.J. Yeley

Some of J.J Yeley's earliest memories are of traveling throughout the United States and spending his days in the grandstands bragging to the other kids that his father was a racer.

Jason Leffler

In 1999, Jason Leffler did something that hadn't been done in 37 years. He won his third consecutive National Midget title. He was at the top of his game and top of the record books.

How do wind tunnels help stock car drivers?

While many successful car corporations were experimenting with aerodynamics in the 1960s, the "aero war" itself usually refers to the two biggest companies, Ford and Chrysler.

How Stock Car Racing Techniques Work

Ever hear the saying that the game of life is won by inches? That's certainly true in stock car racing, when -- despite vehicle speeds that can exceed 200 miles (330 k) per hour -- mere inches are all that separate the winners from the losers.

What are the rules of stock car racing?

Imagine soaring down the road in your Chevy Impala SS, leaning heavy into the turns. You're nearing 200 mph now -- as fast as your car will go. Then, zoom, zoom, zoom! This is stock car racing, and you've just been lapped at the final flag.

David Reutimann

Some people race for fun, some race for money. For others, racing is simply in their blood. David Reutimann is one of those drivers.

Are all stock car tracks the same?

Stock car racing is a sport, full of rules and regulations, so you might conclude that all car racetracks are the same. After all, how different could they really be? Find out.

David Starr

After earning his first win in the first year of his dirt track racing, it only makes sense that David Starr would go on to spend more than two decades in racing and more than a decade in NASCAR.

How Stock Car Painting Works

From the basic black of the Model- T to the brown and orange of the Home Depot runner, cars of all purposes have always had some sort of paint job. But NASCAR cars take color a little bit further than your own ride. Find out why.

What is a stock car?

NASCAR's a household name. The drivers are as famous as any other category of professional athlete. It's probably the thrill of speed. How can the drivers go so fast? It's not just the driving.

How Dirt Stock Car Racing Works

On any given weekend throughout most of the year, almost 800 dirt tracks come to life across America. Tickets are bought, prize money is won, autographs are signed and damaged cars are hauled away by wreckers.