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5 Scariest Stunt Car Feats

Many stunt drivers have taken a car to the edge of destruction (or beyond) in the name of adventure and adrenaline-pumping thrills. We've collected a few of the scariest stunt car feats ever attempted.

How Tether Car Racing Works

There's a good chance you've never heard of tether car racing. That's because there are only a few remaining racetracks and a handful of enthusiasts left in the world. What makes this hobby so unique?

How Gymkhana Works

All forms of auto racing require some level of driver skill in order to remain competitive. But gymkhana isn't just a test of a driver's physical skills -- it's also a complex mental challenge.

How the TTXGP Carbon Free Grand Prix Works

The Isle of Man TT circuit has been the site of high-speed motorcycle races since 1907. But in 2009 a different type of motorcycle race tore through the narrow, winding streets: the TTXGP Grand Prix.

How Evel Knievel Worked

Evel Knievel was the motorcycle daredevil that motivated an entire generation of kids to jump their bicycles over anything and everything -- even when the odds were against a successful landing.

Formula One: The Need for Speed

These single-seat, open-wheeled cars rely on V-8 engines that can produce more than 900 horsepower. The cars, and the fearless drivers who navigate them, represent the pinnacle of formula racing, so take a look at pictures of these incredible machines. It may be the closest you ever get.

How Becoming a NASCAR Driver Works

Becoming a NASCAR driver is about so much more than just going fast. To make it to the top of the NASCAR circuit, you have to be strong, smart and hardworking, too.

How Super Truck Racing Works

Imagine an 8-foot tall, 8-foot wide, 12,000-pound diesel-powered truck hurling around the Nurburgring just inches from other trucks at 100 miles per hour. Sounds exciting, right? You bet it is.

What will race cars look like in 2025?

Each year race cars become faster and safer. Can you imagine what they'll look like in the year 2025? A few designers took a shot at it recently.

2007 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Results

In 2007, Jimmie Johnson squeaked out a win, despite some team problems. Check out this page for the full 2007 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Results.

2008 NASCAR Sprint Series Recap

2008 was Jimmy Johnson's year. Get a full recap, timeline and breakdown of the 2008 Sprint Cup Series right here.

2008 NASCAR Sprint Series Results

2008 market the 50th running of the Daytona 500. Get the full points breakdown for this emotional year in NASCAR.

2007 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Recap

Jimmy Johnson dominated the 2007 NASCAR Sprint Cup Season, but the road to victory had some bumps along the way. Relive the 2007 NASCAR season in this season recap.

How Daytona Qualifying Works

Without a doubt, the Daytona 500 has the most unique qualifying format in the entire NASCAR season. What makes qualifying so unusual? How does a driver make it onto the starting grid for the race?

What is the history of stock car racing?

Stock car racing was born in the days of Prohibition and has since exploded into the No. 1 spectator sport in the United States. How did Bill France make that all happen?

How Stock Car Scanners Work

Scanners reveal the human element still very much at work in stock car racing. A good scanner lets you be a fly on the wall in your favorite driver's car. You tune to their radio frequency, and presto -- You can overhear all the conversations!

How Stock Car Telemetry Works

Telemetry is the remote collection and measurement of data. It usually involves some sort of wireless broadcast. Of course, remote data collection is important in many fields -- defense, medicine, even agriculture.

How does downforce help a NASCAR race car?

If you've ever seen a race car take-flight during a race, then you know how quickly one can suddenly resemble a low-flying aircraft. How do race car drivers keep their wheels on the ground?

How the United States Auto Club Works

For anyone interested in becoming involved in NASCAR or racing, the United States Auto Club is the place to start. So what all does the organization do for the sport and how can you become a member?

What was NASCAR's gentleman's agreement?

NASCAR's gentleman's agreement was an unwritten rule that governed the behavior of the drivers in NASCAR's top racing series for almost 30 years. So what happened to the rule? Are there no gentlemen in racing anymore?

How the NHRA Works

If you live for long weekends spent at the track, submerged in the whine of the engines and the roar of the cars as they shoot by, then you may want to learn more about the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). What do they do?

How Impound Races Work

Before impound racing, NASCAR knew it had to find a balance between drivers who could afford to use one setup to qualify in a race and another in the actual race, and drivers who had to make do with a single setup.

How Stock Car Aerodynamics Work

Aerodynamics is the study of how air moves, and it's a crucial element in stock car design. But it has changed car racing in ways some fans find infuriating.

Michael McDowell

Though he might be just out of his rookie year of NASCAR, Michael McDowell has already made big headlines and managed several national television appearances.

How Stock Car Suspensions Work

Stock car drivers are the ones who get all the attention after a big win, but kudos also need to go to the team working behind the scenes on the car's suspension.