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Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are powered by combined fuel technologies. Learn how the Tesla Roadster or the Ford Escape hybrid technologies work and see what tax credits hybrid owners receive.

What is the economic impact of hybrid cars?

For more than a decade now, people have debated the economic impact of hybrid vehicles. Will the fuel savings offset the difference in sticker price? What about expensive repair bills? What's the answer?

Are hybrid cars more expensive to insure?

Are hybrid cars more expensive to insure? Visit HowStuffWorks to learn if hybrid cars are more expensive to insure. See more »

How Electric Car Charging Networks Work

Electric car charging networks already exist in some countries. Read about electric car charging networks and when they might fully arrive. See more »

How the BMW X6 ActiveHybrid Works

The BMW X6 ActiveHybrid concept blurs the line between SUV, hatchback and sports car. Read about the BMW X6 ActiveHybrid car. See more »

5 Reasons Not to Buy a Hybrid

Are there good reasons to not buy a hybrid? Actually, yes. Read our list of reasons not to buy a hybrid to see what your biggest car-buying priorities are. See more »

5 Reasons to Buy a Hybrid

There are many reasons to buy a hybrid car. Find out the top 5 reasons to buy a hybrid car at HowStuffWorks. See more »

Honda Insight Image Gallery

Check out the Honda Insight Hybrid Car image gallery create by HowStuffworks. See more »

5 Luxury Hybrids

Luxury hybrids let people be a little "greener" behind the wheel. Read our list of the top 5 luxury hybrids. See more »

Future Hybrid Car Pictures

Future hybrid car pictures show you what's coming to the showroom, and what's still a pipe dream. Take a look at hybrid cars of the future. See more »

How Electric Car Labs Work

Electric car labs give rise to new advances in EV technology. Learn about different types of electric car labs in this article. See more »

How the GM Sunraycer Worked

GM's Sunraycer was a solar car ahead of its time. Read the history of the sunraycer and why it almost took General Motors down with it. See more »