Your car may come with many standard features, but upgrade and accessory options are endless, starting with the windshield wiper blades.
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How Windshield Wipers Work

What began as a hand-cranked system is now automatic and only getting more so: Some windshield wipers can actually sense rain. Learn the mechanincs behind this essential automotive tool.

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  • How Cruise Control Systems Work

    How Cruise Control Systems Work

    Cruise control is already an amazing system, and it's evolving into something a lot more powerful. Learn how cruise control works and check out some of the adaptive systems in development. See more »

  • How do the blue-ish headlights on expensive luxury cars work?

    How do the blue-ish headlights on expensive luxury cars work?

    I notice that there are certain cars whose headlights seem to have a blue-ish or green-ish tint. A lot of times these headlights are on expensive cars. Are these headlights different from normal headlights? See more »

  • How does a car's rearview mirror work when it's in the glare-resistant setting?

    How does a car's rearview mirror work when it's in the glare-resistant setting?

    Glare-resistant rearview mirrors can be useful when the vehicle behind you has extra bright headlights. Find out how simply flipping the rearview mirror can block out the bright light. See more »

  • How E-ZPass Works

    How E-ZPass Works

    If you're a regular on toll roads, you probably either know about E-Zpass or you already have one. Learn all about this ingenious and convenient technology and how it automatically lets you pay your way. See more »

  • How Ford Sync Works

    How Ford Sync Works

    Ford's Sync system pioneered many of the mobile connectivity features that are now commonplace in new cars. However, you don't necessarily need to be a social media fanatic to enjoy all the benefits Sync has to offer. See more »

  • How Laser-powered Headlights Work

    How Laser-powered Headlights Work

    Lasers have an illumination power that's about 1,000 times more powerful than LEDs. So, will laser-powered headlamps be too intense for other motorists? Are they a traffic incident waiting to happen? See more »

  • How OnStar Works

    How OnStar Works

    Its critics call the popular telematics service "Big Brother" and claim that it can lead to an invasion of privacy. Explore the technology behind OnStar and learn about the controversy. See more »

  • How Power Door Locks Work

    How Power Door Locks Work

    Power door locks used to adorn only luxury cars. Today, these handy amenities are standard on more than half of the cars sold in America. Learn what happens after you push the button! See more »

  • How Power Windows Work

    How Power Windows Work

    Ever wonder what's behind the auto-up feature that can detect obstacles? Power windows are one of those hidden miracles in cars -- they're actually pretty amazing once you learn about them. Find out how power windows operate! See more »

  • How Radar Detectors Work

    How Radar Detectors Work

    If you have a lead foot you may have invested in a radar detector. Find out how these devices pick up police radar and lidar and learn what a jamming signal does. See more »

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