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Crosley Hot Shot and Super Sports

The Crosley Hot Shot and Super Sports were affordable and full of performance. Both cars were as tiny and spartan as Crosley's passenger cars, but lighter and faster. Discover more info and photos of Crosley’s postwar sports cars.

Morgan Sports Cars

Morgan sports cars are built with old-fashioned styling and with a focus on demand -- only a small number of each have been built. To this day, they still build each of their cars by hand. Learn about Morgan automobiles.

MG Sports Cars

MG sports cars built in Britain range from the T-Series to the modern-day MGF, and were considered to be the very definition of happy motoring. Learn about the MG history and some of their most popular cars.

Triumph Sports Cars

Triumph sports cars always seemed to have more performance and feel more modern than their MG contemporaries at just a little additional cost. This great British brand traces its start to the manufacture of bicycles in the 1890s and to motorcycles in the early 1900s.

Allard Sports Cars

Made in England with Ford engines, Allard sports cars earned a place in the history of auto racing with their great speed and high style. Allard combined racing ingenuity and innovation to build a breed of sports cars that challenged the best of the best.

AC Sports Cars

From 1953 through 1973 AC made race cars that competed well on the race track but didn’t fare as well in the market. AC is responsible for providing roadster body for the Shelby Cobra. Learn more about AC sports cars.

Cisitalia 202 Gran Sport

The Cisitalia 202 Gran Sport hides a Fiat engine under Pinin Farina’s signature styling. Although it had the beauty, the 202 Gran Sport simply didn't have the muscle to attract many sales. Find out more about the Gran Sport including photos.

Citroen SM

The Citroen SM rose above its competitors literally, thanks to oleopneumatic suspension. The SM had no fewer than six headlights linked to the steering so that they'd turn with the front wheels. Learn about the Citroen SM including specs and photos.

Cunningham C-3 Continental

The Cunningham C-3 Continental took cues from both sides of the Atlantic with Italian style and an American engine. It was named one of the world’s 10 best automobile designs. Learn about the C-3 with photos.

Daimler SP 250

The Daimler SP250 was fast and selected by several British police departments for pursuit duty. But bodyflex and a poor suspension system compromised the handling. Find out more about the Daimler SP250.

Toyota Sports Cars

Toyota sports cars were introduced in the '60s with the 2000GT and the momentum continued with other high-tech gems. Learn about each model from the 2000GT to the almighty Supra. Find photos specs and more here.

Alfa Romeo Sports Cars

Alfa Romeo has made sports cars with sleek designs and excellent handling since 1950. Alfa Romeo was also a dominant power in European auto racing. Learn about Alfa Romeo's history and its renowned sports cars.

Bristol Sports Cars

Bristol began as an aircraft-engine maker before switching to building cars. Bristol increasingly asserted itself as a maker of quintessentially British performance cars. Learn how Bristol transitioned to sports cars after World War II.

BMW Sports Cars

BMW sports cars are products of the same exacting engineering that created the world's top performance sedan. This article highlights some of the best of the breed.

Datsun Sports Cars

Nissan's earliest car the 1914 DAT eventually led to the Datson, and in 1934, the name Datsun. This sporty offering gave the company a whole new look and feel. Learn about the Datsun line of sports cars.


Frank Kurtis made some of the earliest high-performance cars such as the well-received Sport a slab-sided two-seat convertible. Learn about Kurtis sport cars at HowStuffWorks.


The Kaiser-Darrin was the brainchild of seasoned designer "Dutch" Darrin. Today they’re among more than 300 surviving Darrins. Learn more about this early sports car and its mixed reception.


The Jensen-Healey should have been a success, but troubles plagued this roadster, starting with the uninspired styling. Learn about the troubles Jensen-Healey had with this sports car.

Maserati Sports Cars

Maserati made the transition from competition cars to luxury personal vehicles after World War II. The Maseratis were among the fastest, most technically advanced, and most beautiful sporting machines of their age. Learn more about Maserati sports cars.

Shelby Sports Cars

The Shelby Cobra sports cars are icons of 1960's auto design and engineering. Carroll Shelby combined a British car body with a powerful American engine. Learn about the Shelby Cobra models including their specs and photos.

Fiat Sports Cars

In the 1950s, Fiat got into the sports-car business with roaring success with models like the 1200 and 124 Sport Spider. Eventually, however, Fiat had to pull out of the sports-car game. Learn about Fiat sports cars.

Iso Grifo

The Iso Grifo which debuted in 1963 was a big curvy fastback with a top speed of at least 160 mph. It didn’t sell well. Luckily, there weren’t too many produced. Learn about Iso sports cars.

Bizzarrini GT Strada 5300

Built by Giotto Bizzarrini, the GT Strada 5300 was typical of early 1960s Italian sports cars. It was a low-slung high-performer with vivid acceleration and a 145-mph top speed. Learn about Bizzarrini's GT Iso and Grifo models.

Facel Vega

Facel's Jean Daninos made smoking GT cars, such as the powerful Facel Vega Facellia and FVS, in the 1950s and 60s. Unfortunately, the brand was not able to survive the 1970s. Learn about Facel Vega sports cars.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin was founded in 1913 and still makes sports cars today. Aston Martin has built quite a reputation for building elegant, low-volume performance cars. Learn about various models such as the David Brown series Vantage and Volante.