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1953 Triumph TR2 Roadster

A humble start is never an absolute impediment to making great cars. Automotive history is rich with admired vehicles made with ingenious use of existing parts and stretching of scarce funds. Read about one example, the 1953 Triumph TR2 Roadster.

1949-1952 Crosley Hotshot and Super Sports

The 1949-1952 Crosley Hotshot and Super Sports were America's only true postwar sports cars before the Corvette. The company had no factory support, but a handful of private owners ensured the quality of the vehicle. Learn about these collectible autos.

1965-1967 Buick Gran Sport

The 1965-1967 Buick Gran Sport was a Skylark-based performance option that became available mid-1965. Buick renamed their 401 engine to the 400 which turned out to be a perfect fit for the A-body Skylark. Find out how the Buick Gran Sport stacked up.

1963-1980 Triumph Spitfire

Having been shelved for lack of funds, a certain “hump under a dust sheet” peaked the curiosity of new CEO Stanley Markland during a casual factory tour. Shortly after, the 1963 Triumph Spitfire was a worldwide bestseller.

1955-1963 Mercedes-Benz 190SL

The 1955-1963 Mercedes-Benz 190SL was created as a more-accessible, less-expensive version of the 300SL. However, most critics agree that this model was underpowered and lacked any sort of performance. Explore successes and failures of the 190SL.

1953-1967 Austin-Healey 100 and 3000

Austin-Healeys were hits on both sides of the Atlantic. Attractive styling and impressive performance made this car an instant hit among car enthusiasts. Find facts and photos about 1953-1967 Austin-Healey 100 and 3000 cars in this article.

1957-1980 Lotus Seven

The 1957-1980 Lotus Seven is pure sports car intended to be affordable but with virtually no amenities. It was originally offered as a kit that required assembly. Learn about the 1957-1980 Lotus Seven including the production facts and specifications.

1935-1956 HRG 1100/1500

The 1935-1956 HRG 1100/1500 was a nimble hard-riding British sports car. Though a real driver's car and quite reliable for rallying and other competition, the HRG was incredibly uncomfortable. Get details on this exclusive vintage collectible here.

Monteverdi 375-Series

The first offerings from Swiss automaker Monteverdi, the 375-series held their own against cars of the time. The first Monteverdi was a two-seat semi-fastback coupe dubbed the Monteverdi 375S. Learn more about Monteverdi sports cars.

Opel GT

The Opel GT was a slick fastback coupe produced to meet the 60s' demand for fast youthful cars. It looked similar to the ’68 Corvette because it was styled by a GM designer. Learn more about Opel sports cars.

Nissan 300ZX Turbo

Stylish, but plagued with cost issues, the Nissan 300ZX Turbo marked the death of affordable high-tech sports cars. The 3-liter, twin cam V-6 gave the 300ZX Turbo a healthy turn of speed to match its slick exterior. Learn about Nissan sports cars.

Pontiac Fiero S/E and GT

Originally planned as a commuter car, the Pontiac Fiero earned a place among sports cars of the '80s. The Fiero was Pontiac's first and only mid-engine two-seater. Learn more about Pontiac sports cars.

Vector M12

Started as a 1970s exotic car the Vector finally came to life under the hands of Lamborghini's parent company. The M12 was powered by a Lamborghini V-12, and featured jack-knife doors and sleek European styling. Learn more about Vector sports cars.


The self-titled Nash-Healey endured over many years of production but never quite caught on. It led to the creation of a more affordable, Austin-powered sports car. Learn more about Nash-Healey sports cars.

Sunbeam Sports Cars

Sunbeam automobiles were a hit for over two decades with the company producing several highly successful lines. One of the most successful models is the Alpine, which Shelby later fitted with a Ford engine to create the Alpine Tiger. Learn more about Sunbeam sports cars.

Saab Sports Cars

Founded in 1937 to build aircrafts, Saab turned its postwar attention to making reliable luxury and sports cars. Saab decided to try producing sports cars after early models proved quite capable in European road rallies. Learn more about Saab sports cars.

TVR Sports Cars

Founded in 1954, TVR was a British automaker that survived multiple calamities to produce cars well into the '70s. Follow the history of TVR from the Griffin to the Tuscan. Learn more about TVR sports cars.

Volvo Sports Cars

Volvo long ago earned a reputation for reliable solid-performance vehicles and their sports cars are no exception. Volvo introduced the P1800 in 1961 as their first sports car. Learn about Volvo sports cars.

DeTomaso Sports Cars

Alejandro de Tomaso was a race-car driver who emigrated to Italy to build competition machines. The Mangusta was one of DeTomaso’s first sport cars that rivaled the Shelby Cobra. Learn about the DeTomaso line of sports cars.

Lotus Sports Cars

Lotus, founded by Britain's Colin Chapman, makes some of the finest sports cars in the world. Lotus began small, and remains so to this day. Learn about the evolution of Lotus sports cars.

Mercedes-Benz Sports Cars

The Mercedes-Benz sports car heritage claims the SL series, and the modern SLK. Their first postwar models were sports cars were the 190SL and 300SL. Learn about the history of Mercedes-Benz sports cars.

Lamborghini Sports Cars

To some, Lamborghini sports cars are the “other Italians,” fated to exist in the shadow of glamorous Ferrari. But in this article, you will learn that Lamborghini sports cars had their own identity, and on occasion even influenced Ferrari.

Mazda Sports Cars

Mazda sports cars include two models beloved by fans: the Mazda RX-7 and the Mazda Miata MX-5. The sports cars were known for their performance, reliability, and affordable price. Learn about Mazda and Mazda sports cars.


Austin-Healeys were popular sports cars from the 1950s until the mid-1960s. The attractive looks and affordable price of the Austin-Healey sports cars made them popular on both sides of the Atlantic. Learn about various models.

Alpine-Renault Sports Cars

The Alpine-Renault line of sports cars were fast but were also plagued by quality control problems. That didn’t keep them from becoming one of the only successful French manufacturers of sports cars. Learn about the Alpine-Renault A310 and GTA.